What bags will be in the new floor set for late October?

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  1. Hi ladies, does anyone know what new bags will be included in the next floor set the end of October? :yahoo:
  2. ^ bump.....I'd like to know, too! I still have a $50 coupon to redeem :graucho:
  3. I heard poppy, I heard more sophia.
    I have a feeling the dotted hobo will finally be unleashed in the silver...and I want it bad.
  4. What is the date for the next floorset?
  5. As far as I know... more new colors and patent leather for the Kristin line including a metallic leather called marcasite which is gorgeous!
  6. ^^^some kristin like that marcasite you said, and also new poppy, and some new mia.
  7. Can not wait for the new floor set :smile:!
  8. Awgh, so this isn't the floorset with a lot of Hamptons? :sad: :shucks:
  9. What style Kristin bag is the Marcasite coming in? Does anyone know?
  10. what have you heard about a new hamptons collection??? i wanted the hobo but missed it.
  11. I'm wondering this too. I would love to see a satchel in this...
  12. Marcasite??? I can't wait to see this color.
  13. I just got back from my boutique & they were unpacking boxes for the new floorset. Here's what I bought (too late to do a reveal)

    Dylan Leather Shoulder Bag

    It also comes in black, red and brown. And it comes in a tote style.
  14. What other things did you see, if I may ask?