What bags were you dying to have, but now have changed your mind?

  1. A few months ago I really wanted a fendi spy. Saved up a ton of money and then didn't get one. Now, I'm glad I didn't. Funny thing is, I really don't even like them anymore. How can I go from really wanting something to no caring for it at all. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, what bag was it for you?
  2. I had the same happen to me. I had been dreaming of the day I would get a Fendi Spy but then when I had the money and went into the store, it just didn't do it for me anymore. And it happened with one of the Chanel Cambons as well, the one with 2 front pockets.. can't remember the name of the style anymore. It's a mystery how we can just suddenly not like something anymore.
  3. haah thats so funny i read the title of this before clicking it and the 1st thing i thought was the fendi spy and i click and thats the SAME BAG you were referring to :smile: haha

    I really am glad i didnt ever really try to get one cause ive decided i really dont find them attractive and i wanted one SO bad @ one point, i think just cause i wanted that bag that everyone raved about, but what a silly reason to spend that much $ and man im glad i didnt :smile:

    I find that happpening with MOST WANTED bags for me, like ill see it all around think im in love with it and then realize its just the hype of it and i tend to get over it :smile:

    Luckily i only buy bags im in love with for months so i know ill love them and i dont have thousands of $'s to just spend so i cant make bad impulse buys :smile:
  4. I ever wanted a LV Baggy PM loads and I got it. After that I went to a Chanel Boutique and found a new Paris B. Tote and suddenly falling in love with it. I wanna exchanged my LV for Chanel. Anyway......at last I still keeping my LV baggy PM ( as I have loads of tote bag so it's time to have some other styles) and hoping that Chanel Paris B. tote will be on sale one day soon :p.
  5. I think being fickle can be part of what occurs when we first come to the Forum.

    We see scads of new designer bags and think we 'need' to own them all. Probably 90% of it is that we just want to see it in person, touch it, feel the leather, just have it in our possession until the next great bag appears.

    I find if I stop in a Nordstrom's every couple of months to just fondle the merchandise (gosh that sounds awful but you know what I mean), it makes those urges go away and I fall OUT of love with bags that way.
  6. Yep.
    I wasn't even a bag girl, just a shoe girl, then I happened upon a lust for a Fendi spy. I searched, I saved, and I ended up buying a Chloe Edith. My next "had to have" was a Paddington. Instead, I got a Bbag and another Chloe.
    I have no desire to get a spy or a paddy now. Weird, huh?
  7. I was really wanted Balenciaga i love the variety of colours they have,but now not anymore after changing the hardware.I now want chanel but i dont think that gonna change.
  8. I always wanted a Balenciaga motorcycle bag especially when they first got all the attention and Kate Moss was carrying hers but I couldn't afford it. A couple years later I was glad I never got one and moved onto Chloe bags and since I've joined this forum I'm now wanting a Balenciaga again. Go figure!
  9. I wanted a Miu Miu Coffer; got it and didn't like it, so I returned it.

    Not exactly the same thing, but I keep thinking I should like LV, but it just doesn't do anything for me--why on earth, with so many great bags out there, do I try to convince myself to like a brand??:confused1:
  10. i also did the same with the balenciaga bags when they 1st started i was SURE that would be my 1st over $1000 bag I still love the colors but the shiny leather just doesnt do it for me i wish it were matte!

    Im glad i didnt get one cause i like them A LOT but dont LOVE them like i thought i did when they 1st came
  11. The Louis Vuitton Cerises speedy. I still love it, and seriously almost bought it not too long ago, but now I just can't see myself spending that much on it, so I have officially decided against it unless by chance I hit the jackpot and have that much to spare!
  12. I was obsessed with owning a Jimmy Choo Ramona - It haunted me for months on end - I bought a gorgeous cream colored Guccisima Pelham instead and thought I would forget the Ramona - well I didn't - then I started lusting for a Chanel Cabas - that finally did it - No further interest in the Ramona!!! Glad I didn't go in that direction. Of course it cost me a bloody fortune to get the Ramona off my wish list - but I know I can say that here, where I'm thinking many of you understand.
  13. What a great post and I completely agree. I was overwhelmed with options when I joined TPF and made some choices that turned out not to be right for me - Balenciaga is the most notable. I don't regret it for a moment, asI sold my Bbag and now buy less than ever before because after 9 months of being here, and getting past the 'kid in a candy store' period, I am beginning to know, really know, my priorities. I also know they are likely to change, so at some point I will have a 'what did I ever see in that bag moment'. Then again , I've had that feeling with men more than once . . . . !
  14. I was dying to get the RM Morning After bag for a while...
    but now that I can get it - and even earlier when I found all these coupon codes at various stores I don't think I want it anymore - I still think its too expensive...

    Maybe I will change my mind later, but for now I am still not as obessed with the RM bag at all (when I remember like a month ago I was so close to buying it - filled out all the billing information, taking my credit card out... and then the computer hanged lol)
  15. Wow, great thread! I've had a couple:

    1. LV Alma in Damier
    2. Black MC Trouville and Alma
    For the record, the only one I ever purchased was the black MC Trouville about a year ago. But, I returned it. Now, as much as I love the black MC, I have a pochette and that's it. BUT I did get a mono Trouville and I LOVE it to pieces (OK, not literally).

    *Sigh*...the joys of being fickle!