What bags to take on Caribbean trip Sept.? fashion? HELP!

  1. ok so i have big problems and you will laugh!!!!:nuts:i am leaving saturday for two weeks in turks and caicos at posh resort....and going to a fashion show there too! with all kinds of people showing up...
    it is AFTER labor day and back here in new york city there would be darker colors coming out and leather etc...

    of course straw and canvas and lighter colors will be great as it is 85 or so and hot...
    BUT since the season is coming to a close i am wondering...should i just go for standard hot weather items
    or adjust to fall in some way

    i know it sounds silly but will stark white leather shoulder bag be ok?
    here are my choices (so many i can't even think)
    OBVIOUSLY i can only take a couple so i eliminated the very wintery items from the list to choose from...

    michael kors clear beach tote in WHITE and clear
    michael kors beige small satchel really cream
    marc jacobs lovely satchel in caramel
    via spiga leather trimmed nylon tote in mustard
    via spiga white leather whipstiched hobo stark white
    elliott lucca clutch in soft pink with hint of gold(evening)
    red michael kors montauk 11 small bag
    elliott lucca chocolate tote weave
    bcbg butter soft tote in salmon
    waiting for marc jacobs stone large satchel
    waiting for kors large crimson
    bloomingdales straw beaded tote
    falchi soft nylon flowered tote easy to pack

    also do i wear white sandals or go on to at least tan or caramel

    or can i just go to lightweight fall things!?
    i hate packing:wtf:
  2. I would bring one of the MJs (satchel?) for the fashion show, the Kors beach tote, small bag/clutch for evening and then another tote (BCBG?) for daytime sightseeing/shopping.

    I woud definitey not apply NY's fall fashion rules. The Caribbean is so different!

    Also, if you're staying at a resort, you can get by with far fewer bags than if you stay at a hotel IMO. At a resort, you only really need a beach tote and then whatever you want to carry to dinner. And in your case, you need a killer bag for the fashion show.

    Have fun!!!!! :smile:
  3. thank you sooo much! now you are making me realize that that i should have one bag that is killer for fash show and also can be used for going out etc....my gucci black is great but another consideration is that it is tough to pack that one it is not very soft and god forbid i ruin it or worse the customs people if they open my bag...will go for the bcbg for day....
    (even carrying it on plane is worrysome imagine crushing a bag under seat or in overhead getting knocked around!
    such problems lol


    at least my elliot soft one in salmon will be for night
  4. I would go with color or white, straw and canvas, leather is okay too. The Caribe, you must have color! :yahoo:
    Have a great trip!
  5. thanks isabel
    you are so right!
    will go for color and bright light fun choices!
  6. Try a Longchamp Pliage tote! Those come in lots of colors and I always take them when I travel. Good luck!