What bags/items do you use other than intended?

  1. As the title of the thread asks, what bags or items do you have that you use otherwise?

    When I had the MC Mirror, I used it as a card holder (the mirror was kept in the dustbag in the box)...

    I'm actually thinking of buying the Excursion and using it as a overnight-getaway bag, cuz it's big enough to hold like 2 maybe 3 pairs of shoes, but the way i pack i can probably get a whole 2 outfits of clothes in there! haha. What do you think?

    So yea! share your ideas/stories of what you have that you use! :biggrin:
  2. Hmmm..well I think the Wapity has a plethora of uses but I just use it for a wallet. I know a lot of other gals use it as their digicam holder.
  3. Well..I use my Damier 4 key holder as a CC/cash holder when I'm using my pochettes since there isn't much room for a wallet. I have the Ludlow wallet but it takes up more space than I'd like, especially when I'm carrying my phone, various makeup items,etc.
    Also, I use my Mezzo tote for clothes when I go on vacation. IMO, it fits a lot of things!
  4. I use a Damier business card holder as a wallet. I needed a tiny wallet for my tiny Damier navona.

    Although i don't own a Speedy 40, but i think it could be used as a carryon.
  5. Funny! I always use my LV mono 6 key holder as a mini wallet at the salon. It hold cash, credit card and id so nicely. I also use my LV mono medium agenda as a holder for everything! Cash, credit cards, my movie theater free popcorn coupons. So many uses!
  6. Me too! :biggrin:
  7. I use a LV Petite Bucket as a curler bag :lol: .
  8. I use my Yellow Epi checkbook cover as a wallet
    I use my Monogram pochette as a make up bag
  9. How does a key holder hold cash and credit card?
  10. It's the one that snaps shut..there's a space in the back behind the part that holds the keys and it can fit thin items. The regular cles can be used this way also.

    This isn't the greatest picture (it's from ebay) but you get the idea.
  11. Well I have a speedy 40, I use it as a carryon and as a gymbag.
  12. I use my cb address book as credit cards holder and take out the insert.
  13. I use the pouchette as a make-up bag within my Batignolles. When I use the pouchette as a purse, I use the Cles as a wallet. I want to buy the Wapity as a Digicam bag.