What bags have you turned down in 2006?

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  1. Just wondering what bags have you ladies turned down from Hermes (excluding resellers and eBay) this year and why? I guess I'll start first, but my list is pretty short and they are all from DIFFERENT stores.

    Orange Ostrich Birkin 30cm - Reason: not fuchsia ostrich
    Cobalt Blue Ostrich HAC 28cm - Reason: ex-SA said I couldn't buy my dream bag if I bought this one
    Black Glazed Porosus Diamond Birkin 35cm - Reason: not fuchsia and too expensive (don't know why they bothered to ask)
    Gold Togo Birkin 30cm - Reason: not fuchsia ostrich
    Fuchsia Ostrich Retourne Kelly 28cm - Reason: retourne
    Fuchsia Ostrich Sellier Kelly 32cm - Reason: too big
    Fuchsia Ostrich Sellier Kelly 25cm - Reason: too small
    Fuchsia Ostrich Trim 37cm - Reason: too big
    Fuchsia Ostrich Trim 24cm - Reason: too small
    Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 27cm - Reason: too small
    Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 31cm - Reason: sat on the shelf for over a year and not in shrinkwrap, made me paranoid
    Rouge Vif Ostrich Bolide 31cm - Reason: not fuchsia ostrich
    Violet Shiny Lizard JPG Kelly Clutch - Reason: not fuchsia lizard
    Ficelle Shiny Lizard JPG Kelly Clutch - Reason: not fuchsia lizard
    Beige Shiny Lizard Sellier Kelly 25cm - Reason: not fuchsia lizard and too small
    Fuchsia Lizard Mini Constance - Reason: did not need a Constance
    Black Box Calf Sellier Kelly 32cm - Reason: not fuchsia ostrich, and size too big

    Actually, looking at this list is making me feel bad. I mean, it would seem to me that some of my SAs are at least TRYING to get something, yet I turned them down because they were exact to what I wanted ... But I can't help it, if I'm spending that much on a bag, I have to LOVE it ...
  2. Let's see. I'm sure I can't get them all, even though I've bought quite a few bags in one year:shame:

    Vermillon togo Kelly 35 cm-I knew I was getting a vermillon Birkin soon after (it'll be ordered in Feb.)
    Blue jean togo Birkin 35 cm (even though I got a clemence one 3 weeks later)-didn't have the $ at the time (but I miraculously got a huge raise in time to buy the clemence one)
    vert anis togo 32 cm Kelly-already had 3 Kellys at the time
    cognac ostrich 32 cm Kelly-too much $ for me to spend at the time
    blue jean ostrich 35 cm Birkin-didn't like the way the color looked in ostrich
    potiron togo 25 cm Birkin-too small
    gold togo 25 cm Birkin-too small
    white epsom PM Paris-Bombay-scared to carry white bags
    graphite clemence 37 cm Bolide-still waiting for the perfect Bolide
  3. I don't feel as bad now ... Phew!!! But it's hard to turn things down ... Good thing I DO turn bags down, otherwise it'll be very very bad for my wallet.
  4. hmm, can't remember them all, but as far as Birkins & Kellys go:

    Brighton Blue 30 Birkin - size/colour not suitable
    Gold Vache Liegee 35 Birkin - gold in VL didn't appeal, although VL is growing on me, definitely
    Potiron 35 Birkin - this was hard to turn down, only this afternoon....
    Rouge Garance 35 Birkin - NOt a rouge Garance girl, I'm afraid (although I LOVE the colour on others)
    Noisette 28 Kelly (VL) - retourne, I like sellier
    Vert Anis Togo 32 Kelly - let's not go into this one!!!!!!
    Matte Rouge H Porosus Croc 35 Birkin - price!
    Rouge H Togo 35 Birkin - Ionly like rouge H in chevre.
    Chartreuse 30 Birkin - size, too small
    Chocolate Boxcalf 35 Kelly - size, too big
    HAC toile/barenia combo - because I am a complete idiot......

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
  5. I HATE turning them down from one particular Manager (who is at another store, but calls me when she has inventory)...she is SO helpful and lovely and considerate, I hate saying no thanks to her.......but so far she had had no (bags) that I've wanted (although I've bought plenty of other things from her).
  6. To the best of my memory:

    Chocolate Boxcalf 35 Birkin
    Natural (aka naked chicken) Ostrich Kelly
    Chocolate Boxcalf 28 retourne Kelly
    several Ostrich Bollides
    numerous Swift Kellys (various sizes)
    several Croc JPG Kelly
    several Leather JPG Kellys
    several Epsom Paris Bombays
    several Plumes (different leathers)

    I realise now that the bags that work best for me are the Kellys and the Birkins. The others somehow feel wrong.

    But I'm thinking of venturing into Evelyn territory next year.
  7. I think I'm going to pick up an Evelyne next year too, wong.
  8. I didn't turn down much...

    Rouge Garance 35 Birkin : the red didn't convince me (I've grown to like it in the meantime!)

    Gold Clemence 35 Birkin: I want a smooth leather

    Rouge Vif 30 Fjord Birkin: don't like Fjord and too small
  9. Speaking of natural ostrich Kelly ... My SA also agreed that it looked a bit ... raw.
  10. Have you tried on any for size yet?

    I think the PM2 or slightly larger is cool, and I'm probably gonna go for clemence cos I like the way it allows the bag to mould to the body.
  11. I know the exact specs:

    PM2, Brown canvas/leather combo, pall h/w.
  12. I want a PM in Fuchsia Epsom. Evelyne is one of the few bags that I would like in regular leather. Fuchsia is beautiful in Epsom.
  13. ooooh. Sounds yummy.

    I haven't decided on the colour yet. Not a bright is all I know at the moment.

    PS - sorry, this was in reference to the brown canvas/leather combo.
  14. ^ I really like the combo, because it seems to go well with the canvas strap. Having said that, I'm loving nearly ALL Eveleynes at the moment.

    I'd also like a PM Massai......in a lovely dark clemence....
  15. God yes. The Masai looks like nothing slumped on the shelf but once someone carries it, transformation to stunning draped bag.

    Are you turning into a Shopmom style enabler??