What bags have you ordered/pre-ordered/received this month?

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  1. Ok,March is on its last legs and it's time for some (shallow) reflection.

    I have noticed a whole lot of bags coming and especially going on the forum,so i thought that a little survey would be interesting. let's include February and March in order to catch a greater sample size.

    1) Which bags have you ordered/pre-ordered in February and March?

    2) Which bags have you received?

    3) Which bags have you kept and are you using?

    4) Which have you returned and which sold?
  2. I'll start!! (Somewhat modestly :biggrin: )

    1) Which bags have you ordered/pre-ordered in February and March? YSL Muse,Ellen Verbeek black east-west bag

    2) Which bags have you received? MJ Stam so far (pre-ordered in Dec 2005),Ellen Verbeek.

    3) Which bags have you kept and are you using? Ellen Verbeek....and I have VERY high hopes for the muse.

    4) Which have you returned and which sold? Alas,Stammie and I couldn't find a way to live together and he's with someone else now....sold....

  3. 1) pre-ordered Edith in Whisky
    2) MJ STam
    3) MJ stam and paddington
    4) sold silverado python, fendi spy, tan paddy
  4. None to all the above :[

    Currently working with a fellow PFer though. SO EXITED. This will actually be my first really nice handbag. OMG YAY.
  5. Good luck abandoned and hope you love your bag:smile:

  7. yeah feel free to illustrate responses with pictures:lol:
  8. 1) Which bags have you ordered/pre-ordered in February and March?
    MJ Elise (cognac)
    Coach Legacy Leather Tote (bronze)
    LV Epi Speedy 25 (black)
    Chanel quilted tote - don't know name (black)
    MJ Blake (ferrari red)

    2) Which bags have you received?
    All but the Blake

    3) Which bags have you kept and are you using?
    Elise, Speedy, Chanel tote (saving Coach bag for warmer weather)

    4) Which have you returned and which sold?
  9. Waitlisted: LV Speedy in Damier print

    Ordered (refer to pics):
    -MJ Ursula bowler in lobster
    -Chloe calfskin saddle satchel (S/S 2005 line; don't know its official name)
    -DKNY Whipstitch hobo
    -Lucky Brand messenger bag
    -MJ Stella in berry (no pic yet; sorry)
    -Coach "scarf print" Hampton tote

    Received: all, except for LV Damier Speedy and DKNY hobo

    Sold: MJ Blake in fuschia (so sad about this because I loved this bag and the color, but the Stella is more practical for my needs) :sad2:

    No more bags for me! So much for Lent... :hrmm:
  10. i ordered the MJ Ursula Elise in black, it shold be here today! and i bought a bulga medium hobo in blue-grey.
  11. luvboogie,what a successful haul,congrats!!

    Slickskin...beautiful bags,love that Ursula bowler:love: :love: :love: ,and the Stella is such a gorgeous bag in real life;pics don't do it justice!! Berry should be great.

    Amanda,woohoo...can't wait to see your Elise,hope you love it!!
  12. thanks :love: :love: i fear that it won't be delivered to campus mail (i live at college) in time for me to pick it up before i go home for the weekend, though! but i'll cross my fingers.
  13. I haven't pre-ordered anything.

    I bought: paddy in dark grey, Balenciaga city in ink and a first in cornflower those were very hard to track down).

    I sold: LV pa cerise and a recital in mono

    I always keep the bags I buy. I actually never returned anything.
  14. This could be an embarrassing post!!!

    1) MJ Elise in Chalk, Kale Essential bag in grey, large YSL Mombasa in chocolate brown, LV Mizi Vienna in green/black, 2 Chanel large reissues in grey, and a LV Epi Passy GM in black.

    2) Have received the MJ Elise in chalk, large YSL Mombasa, LV Mizi Vienna in green black, and I think the Kale Essential is waiting for me at home. The Reissues won't arrive until Monday, the 10th! And I can pick up the Passy tomorrow when it officially launches!

    3) I'm using the YSL Mombasa and will keep the Kale.

    4) Returned the Mizi (green/black combo wasn't working for me). Got paranoid about getting the Elise in chalk dirty, so that got returned too. Hoping that I love the Reissue! I've NEVER seen one in person... Got two because a number of people recommended inspecting and comparing both since it's a fragile bag!
  15. Let's see:

    I ordered - Fendi Spy in Honey, the YSL Muse in Large (Tan), and the MJ Stam in Putty. Wow! I am seeing a pattern here. All the same colors. :smile:

    Received: the Fendi Spy, the MJ Stam

    I am using the MJ Stam a lot. :smile:

    I returned my Honey Spy, and I am still waiting on the Muse.
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