What bags have you never seen on anyone?

  1. We always talk about what bags we are currently wearing... but what are some bags you've never seen on anyone that aren't LE items?

    I've never seen anyone with one of the Congo messengers.
  2. I have yet to see anyone with:

    -Denim Flat Shopper
    -Congo Messenger
    -Any Nomade bags
    -Onatahs [Suede and Cuir- I have seen pics of members with them, but none IRL]
    -Suhali Le Superbe and Le Confident
    -MC Rift
  3. Um..many of the denim bags, MOST of the Suhali bags, Damier Ribera, MC Aurelia, MC Rita, MC Ursula, Epi Mandara and a lot more. Those are just some I remember off the top of my head.
  4. All 0natah, ll nomade, all RTW bags except for the ones I own hahaa. You almost only see mono damier and azur here, some epi some suhali and hardly any vernis, denim.
  5. John, I can parade my onatah infront of you! :p
  6. Can't think of any...especially since I go to Hong Kong a couple times a year (where I am right now actually), where it seems that EVERY bag is being used!
  7. ummm... a lot lol
  8. UUUUUUHHHHH like everything eccept the "old faithful:rolleyes:" speedy 30.
  9. where i live: anything that isn't a mono speedy, BH, PH, cabas piano, or neverfull.
  10. pretty much! lol
  11. Most of them really....I've really only seen speedies, BHs, Almas, reporters, and one Le Fab.
  12. I haven't seen anyone else with a neo cabby! I also haven't seen Le Fab, Le Tal, the Madeline, MC Rita or very much besides the Neverfull, the mono & damier speedy, the BH, the MC Speedy, MC Alma, cabas piano, Marilyn and pochette. I did see a Miroir Lockit once though and was so surprised!
  13. I take that back... I saw two Onatah's today. However, I think one was counterfeit?
  14. i don't think i've ever seen anybody wearing something from the Suhali line

    out of the vernis bags, i've seen ppl with the Houston, Roxbury, Rosewood, Summit Drive, but none of the other bags (never seen anyone with a Reade, Bedford, Lexington or Brentwood)
  15. Um a lot...mostly LE, MC, and Nomade lines are the ones I barely see carried. Suhali would be next in line. I get excited when I do see anyone with a Suhali.