What bags have you loved and lost?

  1. This past year alone i have sold my monogram speedy 30, teal balenciaga and my chanel black classic lambskin flap to make room for new bags.

    At one time i was madly in love with all of these bags but then over time got bored of them, or i have just wanted a new bag so much that i was willing to get rid of my old bags for it.

    I really miss my speedy i'm thinking of getting another one.

    What bags have you loved and then sold on?
  2. I loved my red Chloe Paddington but haven't sold it yet although it's definitely on the way out of my wardrobe.
    I've also sold a black Balenciaga City, a cream Mulberry Soho, a black Miu Miu Coffer and a camel Prada e/w satchel. Loved them all at first but then they just had to go.
    My absolute keeper has been my LV mono speedy 30 which I've just got out to use again this A/W. Still love it.
  3. I sold my LV popincourt and have really started to regret it. I have sold more valuable bags and never flinched but that one got to me for some reason.
  4. I haven't sold any bags, but when I moved to Philadelphia, I gave away an amazing Gucci black leather bag. It displayed the logo prominently and I was on a "no logo" kick at the time, so I gave it (and a few LVs) to my sister. I've wanted that Gucci back ever since, but she so loves it that I have no choice but to simply be happy for her.

    Lesson learned: Give (or sell) beloved purses away only to strangers, then at least if you live to regret it, you won't have to look at them whenever you see the person!