What bags have you bought this year?

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  1. Come on - name them ALL (not just the Mulberries- it's interesting to see the other bags that Mulberry lovers like!)
    here goes

    Mulberry Antony (chocolate)
    Mulberry bayswater (chocolate ivy)
    Orla Kiely sling bag (large red car print)
    Alison van der lande daisy doo bag (leather reminds me a bit of darwin!)

    fairly restrained i feel ! What about you?:P
  2. Ooooohhh, not sure if this is a good idea.....!

    Ok, deep breath:
    Miu Miu off-white bow satchel.
    Black Prada gauffre east-west satchel (since sold).
    Black Miu Miu coffer (since sold).
    LV mono speedy 30.
    LV blue denim baggy PM.
    Mulberry black Alana.
    Mulberry olive Phoebe.
    Mulberry cream Soho (for my mum).
  3. I think listing them makes us reflect on how much we've spent and what we do and do not 'need'. At the moment I'm not lusting after any particular bag!
  4. I have not been that bad either (well, you didn't ask about shoes...and the sales haven't started yet...;)):

    Jimmy Choo Mahala in python
    Jimmy Choo Marin in python (both 50% off)
    A ZPM Room bag in nylon (for travelling with kids, it's great. Found mine at hqhair)
  5. Chloe Heloise,
    Orla kiely shoulder bag,
    Mulberry Bayswater,
    Mulberry Annie,
    Mulberry wallet.
    Hoping for a mulberry from Santa...have dropped enough hints
  6. Too many:- Since June l have lost count - but will try to list:-
    Marc Jacobs Stam
    Paddington in Chocolate
    Paddington Bauletto - Cream
    2 Dior Gaucho's in red (one for me and one for my daughter)
    1 Dior Gaucho in Brown
    Dior Cannage Tote - Black
    1 Emmy Brown (since sold)
    1 Black Emmy
    3 Anya Hindmarch (one my daughter has bought for me for Xmas and one l have brought her.
    Luella Watersnake Fury Boxy
    1 Mulberry Roxanne - Chocolate
    1 Bayswater - Ginger
    1 Phoebe - Olive
    1 Large Knightsbridge - Oak
    1 Prada Fringe - Brown

    I can't remember anymore at the moment and am beginning to run out of room to put them all - l just love bags!!! and jewellery!!!
  7. Errrrrrrrrrrrr,When I sit and add it all up,ooops!!

    Mulberry Elgin
    Mulberry Babington
    Mulberry key ring
    YSL satchel
    Paul Smith purse
    Paul Smith belt
    Gents Rolex gmt2 watch....................

    Victoria Beckham jeans.........................................

    I know some of these are'nt bags,but when you list what you've indulged in, it all comes into sobering sharper focus!!!!!

    Looking at gtomads list I suddenly feel a lot better!!!
  8. I bought the Prada Fringe form Matches on Wednesday and my three daughters have fallening in love with her. One of them says "Mum don't bother about leaving me your jewellery when you pop your clogs - just leave me your bags!!!

    I ordered the Prada on-line and spoke to the assistant and when l got home from work l said to my DH and girls you'll never guess what l bought today.
    One said a hoover, another said an ironing system and finally they got to a bag. I'm well known by my family, friends and colleagues for buying vacuum cleaners so if anyone wants an opinion there are not many that l haven't bought. Now substituting these for bags they take up less room.
  9. All of 'em....yup - the bag addiction started in March and I've made up for lost time and this Forum sure did/didn't help in guiding the floodwaters (aka "bags") as they came rushing through my front door!!!
    Let's see if I can remember:

    Botkier - Bombay Satchel in Twilight
    Barney's Private Label - Tano Crossbody in Olive/Brown
    Hayden Harnett - Ana in Chocolate
    Etro - Sailors Knot Hobo in Winter White
    Bulga - Crescent Ruched Satchel - in Gold
    Hayden Harnett - Dominique Satchel in Cream
    Isabella Fiore - Woven Glory Hobo in Black
    Jimmy Choo - Talia in Camel
    Be&D - Ingrid Satchel - in Red
    Be&D - Garbo Satchel - in Floral Flocking
    Ananas - Nicky Hobo - in Citrus
    Gryson - Nylon Skye in Grey
    Thickskin - Bucket in Jungle
    MULBERRY - Bayswater in Purple Leather

    NOW, Don't you think that's enough? How many bags can one girl carry at a time and I DON'T EVEN WORK...have diapers or wet-naps to carry!!!! What is wrong with me????
    OOPS - asking the wrong crowd.

    BUT.....I must admit, getting my Bayswater has finally satisfied my cravings....I no longer lust after bags.....though it has only been a month since I've brought her home. After you get a Mulberry, you've become spoiled and quite satisfied. There's nothing like going "out" with a BANG cuz I really do need to be on a bag ban....but I'm not really thinking of it as a ban......I just don't feel the need/desire anymore! Wow, and to think that it was a Mulberry that finally put me over the top! :yahoo::P:yahoo:
  10. Jimmy Choo Tara
    Celine Shoulder bag and matching long purse
    Coach Leather Handbag and Matching Purse
    Coach Wristlet
    1 Pair Jimmy Choo boots
    2 Pairs Jimmy Choo Shoes
    Balenciaga First.

    OK I now need to go on a serious ban.
  11. OMG - I am such a lightweight!!! I have only bought 3 bags..
    LV Mono Alma
    Isabella Fiore Brooke satchel
    Mulberry Bayswater - black (my 1 true love!!)
    But, sadly, I have spent more than those bags on La Mer and ReVive products.
    I will be on the hunt for another Mulberry in oak or chocolate next year and maybe a purse/wallet too!!
  12. Yep I`m even worse...

    Mulberry Lightblue Scotchgrain Handbag ( can`t remember name)

    Mulberry somerset hobo bag ( sold on ) Yuk hated it !!

    Midnight Mabel.

    Bridge satchel bag for my mum.

    Spend lots on Estee lauder and Lancome .

    And also like nice Undies !!!

    Oh forgot about the couple of Mulberry Purses and Mulberry keyring.
  13. dcblam- crikey, that's hell of a alot since March!! Glad you are satisfied having got your bayswater!!!

    Tara- what did you not like about the somerset hobo? - I'm a bit iffy about the canvas strap.

    I'm feeling really restrained having seen what others have bought!!!

  14. flyvetjo -
    you should feel fabulous about your restraint!!!! They say that hindsight is 20/20 and if I had to do it all over again, I would pass on some of the bags that I have - NOT because I do not like them (I do)....but I really do have enough. The saving grace is that ALL, except for the Bayswater, were bought on sale and some of them at crazy/wunnerful sample sale prices for pristine bags (ex. Be&D, Garbo for $225 and I think they sold for close to $1,000). OH, the mind games we play!
  15. Wow, after reading this and another similar thread under Handbags, I realized that I really am a lightweight. I don't own that many bags at all. I think that I am so careful about what I buy, in other words I am rather tight! Also, I am very lazy and don't enjoy changing bags every day. I am so happy and can't wait to use my Bayswater and look forward to carrying her for years. That said, I only have 1 bag in a color(pink) that I use in the summer. I do need to branch out a little, so I will most likely look for a red or olive Mulberry next year. I would also love to have something in oak, then I believe that I will be perfectly content in my laziness!!

    Would really love to see dcblam's purple bayswater and sarajanes' red mabel irl for some inspiration!!!