What bags does Neiman Marcus have on sale right now w/ the 25% off?

  1. (Mostly??) We don't have a NM near us - so I was just curious which bags were on th sale tables in your home store?
  2. At last check here on 1/4 in Charlotte they had a few stams (patchwork), patchwork venetias, stones bags, a couple blakes, and this really heavy woven flap bag (don't know the name).

    Nordstrom gets more picked over here due to the fact that NM doesn't take Visa, MC, etc. I think people don't have the cash or are reluctant to open the charge.

    Good Luck finding what you want!
  3. Do you remember what color the blakes were? Or how much they were?? What about the stams?

  4. when is the nm sale until?
  5. They haven't reached final cut yet, so maybe it will continue for a few more weeks. I'm sure if you stay posted on the deal and steals forum you'll hear the start date of final cut leak out. A lot of SAs will presale those bags.
  6. Does anyone know the official pre-sale date for Last Call and the official start date for Last Call? Thanks
  7. ^^^Got my flyer in the mail, 1/16 is the official start date.
  8. I think they had a cream/off white blake, and a tan (I think?)..Also, stams were ivory and a turquoise color (Sorry don't know the official names). I believe I also saw a black one??? I didn't get a chance to get a real good look, my daughter was with me and was getting kind of fussy. If you call NM Charlotte, ask to speak to Natasha, she is one of the most helpful and NICEST SA's I have ever met. She is the Chanel specialist, but is the best.
  9. thanks for the info shoebuyer!
  10. called Natasha - all gone :sad: :sad: :sad: oh well. she was so lovely. and the presale started already !!!
  11. so how much discount do you get with Pre-sale? Is this just for 25% total or additional on top of that?
  12. I believe how they are doing it is another MD for last call (1/16) plus and extra 25% on top of that. Can anyone else confirm this is correct?
  13. NM just went to a "hard" markdown. Nothing additional off. It seems like most of the bags are marked down to about 55% off of the original price. I went to the one in Tyson's Corner, VA and Mazza Galliere, DC yesterday, but I didn't see any MJ's.
  14. ^^ Thanks for the info! I will probably stop by the one near me to check it out.