What bags do you want to get in 2007?

  1. As the title suggests, what bags are you planning on getting for this year? I guess I'll start ... I'm not going to mention Hermes since it appears pretty impossible at the moment ...

    1. Pink Goyard St. Jeanne MM (it's supposed to come out this year)
    2. Pink Goyard Croisiere (supposed to come out this year)
    3. Botega Venetta Quazon (sp?) Flower-Pattern Small Veneta Bag
    4. Botega Venetta Quazon (sp?) Montagne Purse (this is a special order)
    5. Botega Venetta Powder Pink Montagne Purse
    6. Louis Vuitton Frambois Bedford Purse (it's a maybe)
    7. Chloe Paddington in the greyish pink color (it's a maybe, need to see in person)

    What about you guys?
  2. I haven't really thought about this that much, so I may add to my list later on....

    - Vintage Gucci Doctor's Bag
    - Vintage LV Speedy either 25, 30, 35. Preferably a French Co model.
    - Luella Stevie (maybe)
    - Another Mulberry either a Ledbury, Bayswater, Elgin. This is a maybe though

    That's all so far. Hopefully my list doesn't get too ridiculously long
  3. Definitely want to get:

    1. YSL Muse in either white or black, probably large size

    2. Mulberry Bayswater in a dark brown colour, want to look into ordering a specific skin

    Considering the following:

    - Alexander McQueen Novak Black Large Quilted (or any other interesting Novak McQ may come up with for '07!) :p

    - Chanel Cerf

    - Chloe Elfie gathered bag

    - Something structured and dark red

    I also want a really big slouchy bag. Not like a spy, something large with long thin handles...A bit like the YSL double but with different handles. I need to investigate new bags coming out this season more!!

    I've got a lot more thinking (and budgeting to do!!) but half the fun is shopping around and looking at pics I think! :smile:
  4. Hmm.. LV red epi jasmin
    Anything in the new red vernis line
    LV Duomo in Paris!
  5. Celine Bittersweet large size in white...and that's all! Let's hope it stays that way!
  6. Not sure yet. I don't know if Chanel will come out with anything for Valentine's Day like they did last year. But I kind of have all the bags I want for now, unless I start working backwards and get the discontinued ones I want. There are a couple of accessories I'd like to have though..
    Current pieces:
    pink and light pink LV Bubbles rings
    LV Pomme d'Amour heart coin purse
    blue denim LV Mini Pleaty
    Gold Miroir Speedy (maybe..if my SA can get ahold of one for me)

    LV Red/Cream Cherry Blossom Papillon
    LV Trompe L'oeil Pochette
    LV Shine Mckenna
  7. Hopefully I can get:
    A Lv CB papillon,
    Azur Speedy
    A vintage Gucci
    Coach Legacy satchel
    A Chanel reissue (maybe)
    And many more!
  8. Hopefully:
    - YSL Ostrich Rive Gauche
    - Balenciaga City (I haven't decided yet which color I want)
    - Prada Antic Cervo Satchel
  9. I want a brief case, not a bag coz I’m a man :smile: Yet the one i want is hard to find and a bit pricey
  10. 1. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote... I was all set to buy one this weekend, and for the first time (in my experience), my boutique was sold out!

    2. Bottega Veneta woven leaver hobo in one of their gorgeous shades of brown...

    That's really all I'm lusting after at the moment.
  11. Here is my object of desire... by Porsche design
  12. The only bags on my current wish list are:

    Chanel Mademoiselle tote
    Chanel jumbo 2.55 in blush or navy patent leather
    Balenciaga City in Ink or Blueberry
  13. I have a Chloe Betty winging its way to me now, which I really want for 2007 ;), and have just received a lovely new Red Chloe Paddington,

    I would also like

    A Balenciaga First in black

    A Miu Miu Coffer, in brown suede or brown leather

    and am liking the look of the Chloe Bay bag, but want to see it IRL first

    quite a humble little list, but hopefully achievable :biggrin:
  14. 1. Balenciaga First in black
    2. Balenciaga City in black or bordeaux
    3. LV Vienna Mizi
    4. LV Manhattan GM
  15. Ramona, Novak. Something structured and RED. Something structured and ivory.