What bags do you recommend??

  1. Hey everyone! This is my first day here and just had a few questions!

    I would really like a new handbag for spring... any suggestions? I would like a larger bag because I will be traveling a lot, but have a budget. I've been looking at the Kooba Sienna and the Coach Andrea Satchel. Is the Kooba out now? I'm very open to new ideas or bags! Thank you for your help! If I could have it my way I'd have a Chloe, but don't know if I want to spend that much.
  2. well, maybe if u giv ur budget, it maybe easier for every1 to recommend bags.

    good luck!

    there r soooooooooooo many, u gonna go nuts!

    anyway heres a fendi which is not too old and thats not too pricey:


    [​IMG][FONT=Century Gothic, Arial] [/FONT]
  3. Kooba is in now more than ever and you can get them for under $400. Do please give us your budget and the type and colors you like. We would love to help you find a new bag. :yes:
  4. Kooba's are great! I have a Kooba Devin in blonde that's great for spring. I think the Sienna looks gorgeous too.
  5. I love my Sienna but they're getting a little harder to find.
  6. Hi Jessie, welcome to Tpf!:yahoo: If Kooba's on your mind, I think you should consider one (I would say that...) Some of the older bags can be hard to get hold of, but why don't you go to http://www.kooba.com/ and have a look at all the different shapes, then let us know what you think and maybe someone could recommend a seller to get it for you below retail:smile:
  7. Wow thanks! Really liked them!
  8. Welcome to TPF!
    I love good leather and personally recommend Kooba and Botkier, but it really depends on your budget and taste.
  9. Hi! I'm new here too and I have the same question. I am in love with so many of the bags these lovely ladies have posted. I am loving just looking at the different designers offerings and dreaming of which to buy. This will be my first big bag purchase and I am pretty overwhelmed. I am itching to buy but I need to be careful so I am trying to do as much research as I can. I have bought a ton of inexpensive bags and none of them have fit my needs perfectly. I guess I need to start my own thread and ask advice. :smile: Good luck on your search.
  10. Thanks for all the help ladies! I was getting itchy and went ahead and bought the Sienna! I'm excited!
  11. for travel i like coach gallery totes. spacious, lightweight, cute and won't breadk the bank especially considering theat they will get a little beat up.