What bags do you own???

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  1. Wow, i have just joined, and from looking around it seems that everyone seems to have such vast and wonderful collections - so come on spill, what bags do you own ????:love:
  2. I own well over 20 designer bags to list. However, off the top of my head, I know I own many LVs, a few Guccis, Pradas, Diors, 1 D&B, 1 Chanel, 1 Fendi, and lots of Coach bags. There are some bags in my closet that still have store tags on them.

    What do you own Kimmy?
  3. cool - what Lvs do you own :smile:
  4. Currently, I own a Lussac, Ellipse backpack, a cerise pochette, mini hl, and something else I can't recall. The bags I no longer own are the Jasmin and Babylone.

    What do you own?
  5. I have a pic of my collection as my avater - its missing a couple of pieces as it was taken about a month and 1/2 ago :smile:

    I also own --- LV yellow sping street, LV fuchsia broome, LV speedy 25 mono, lavender ludlow dior girly recta bag, and so0n a dior gambler purse YAY

    Attached Files:

  6. Kimmy,

    Looks like you were able to attach your file after all.

    Wow, it looks like you have an impressive amount of LVs. Due to the fact the pic is so small in size, it is hard for me to identify them all. Is there a way you could post a bigger picture or list the bags in the pic? Thanks.
  7. I think if you click on it - you may be able to see - if you are now sure what they are I can let you know .

    I have since sold a fuschia houston, natural vachetta bucket, CB Pink PTI and CB Pouchette, and a mini monogram, monogram pouchette, rose pink kenmare and pepermint cles, PTI LOL i think thats it .HMmMM

    I have an LV obsession I guess, but I think I need to try new styles now.
  8. Kimmy, thanks for making the pic bigger!

    You have some limited edition pieces in there. Sweet!

    You have repeatedly mentioned you want to branch out and try different styles. Do you mean, different designers or different collections within the Louis Vuitton brand?
  9. [​IMG]

    from left to right, wine paddington, gray fendi, chanel cambon, pewter balenciaga, red jasmine lv, and i just sold the dior to my friend, but i just bought the anthracite paddington.

    i try to keep my collection small-ish. i sell the ones i get bored of.
  10. As of now, I have bags from Burberry, Gucci, Tod's, and a mini Balenciaga bag that's coming my way in a few days. I promise myself to NOT go for LV until I get a job next year. To me, LV stands for "success"!! ;)

    Kimmy, your LV collections is a big WOW to me! Love your collections.

    And Fayden, that's such a cute photo of you holding all your bags like you're modeling off your bags all at the same time! Hee hee... I love your red paddy!! :love:
  11. Lots of Coach, a few Louis Vuitton pieces, and a lonely, lonely Juicy Couture wristlet. What can I say, I'm a lowly student but one day, I'll be rolling in the $$$ and that equals rolling in handbags !
  12. Fayden,

    I love you hair.. What kind of curling iron do you use and how do you use. Sorry - off topic I know. I LOVE your bags too. They're gorgeous. And i do the same thing... sell off the bags I don't use - unless they're classics.


    My collection:

    LV Speedy, Lv Papillion, LV Pouchette, Dior Red leather Saddle bag, Burberry Large Novacheck Tote, two other burberry check bags, a Tod's D bag, Tylie Mailbu braided bag, a couple Kate Spades, and five coaches.
  13. hey thanks! it's a remington curling iron. set it on high and just curl them really tight! i have slightly wavy hair to begin with, and it just comes out extra wavy...

    i was thinking about unloading my LV jasmin. :suspiciou
  14. Try the FAROUK chi curling Iron -it's awsome!:P
  15. Really? Thanks ya'll.... I am really into curly hair right now - don't know why...