What bags do you have coming in for 2007?


It is what it is
May 25, 2006
Just curious ... I know that some members have placed orders for various bags during the last Podium. Some are Birkins, some are kellys, and some are other style of bags. I think it'll be fun if we can share what we're looking forward to in the upcoming year ...

I guess I'll start. NONE of my bags are ordered bags. They're simply bags with my name next to it because I have been calling every stores I can reach to inquire about these, and they happened to have ordered them for the store. Also, I may NOT be getting all of them, just some (or maybe just one).

Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 31cm
Rose Shocking Bolide 31cm
Fuchsia Lizard JPG Kelly Clutch
Rose Dragee Lindy 34cm (most likely won't get this, 34cm is too big)

That's all ...


Birkins Hunter
Jun 29, 2006
For me.. i'm not gonna get on any list.. Dubai boutique has no list and i gave up on getting a bag i really want from them... so the plan is to explore my options.. come to Paris every couple of months.. next trip would be April 07.. also i have friends in Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.. so ill try my luck there as well.. whatever luck will throw in my way.. if it is something i like.. ill get ;)

Ninja Sue

Dreaming of vacation
Aug 7, 2006
Back in July of 2005, I ordered a vermillion chevre 25cm sellier Kelly with gold h/w (I had actually ordered it in rouge H in February of 2005, but that got cancelled due to quality control issues). Then, in February 2006, I ordered a black togo 25cm Birkin with gold h/w. Neither of the bags was particularly out of the ordinary, but I have not yet received either. So, hopefully, they will find their way to me in 2007!


Orange Pyramid
May 24, 2006
I have the following on order:
-35 cm vert olive clemence Birkin with palladium hardware (this should be arriving any day)
-30 cm red (not sure which one yet) boxcalf Birkin and not sure of the color hardware (to be ordered at the end of this month)
-vermillon clemence JPG Birkin with gold hardware (to be ordered in Feb. '07)


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Nothing on order.......(that would be a wild miracle for SF) but I'm looking forward to a lovely Plume Elan GM in some fabulous color/leather combination.....don't know yet what that'll be but I'm hoping to work with my lovely SA in NY to find just the right one!!!!


Addicted to Hermes
Sep 29, 2006
I'm not on any lists, but I think 2007 hold a lovely trim for me. Or perhaps a vintage kelly if one speaks to me and is the right price.

Um, or both if I can figure out a way too give DH amnesia and forget about whichever was purchased first! :graucho: