What bags do you hate?!

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  1. Just wondering -- are there any bags that are very popular here on purse forum that you just look at and think "what do they see in this?" Not meant to be a rude thread in any way, or offend anyone's taste!! just for fun :biggrin:
    Mine would probably be the fendi spy. I don't even like looking at it. maybe there's something wrong with me :sick:
  2. Paddys and quite a few of the LVs
  3. Paddys and most Balenciaga bags and some horrid Koobas too.. :huh:
  4. Try to be nice about it friends! Your buddies here carry a lot of these very bags!

    I also don't care for the Spy or the Fendi B or whatever.
  5. I always thought the spy looked kind of like a dumpling with handles.. but I've grown to love it so recently !

    I've never understood the b-bag thing.. they have spectacular colours and smashing leather, but they all look kind of the same, I have no idea what's real and what's not !
  6. Really faky looking LV and Fendi-seems to be quite popular in central Philly.
    I like the Spy bags, but some of the newer designs are pushing it. I definitely don't like this new b-bag buckle thing.
  7. The b-bag. It just looks odd to me.
  8. Fendi B-bag/Spy, Chloe Paddington and all the trendy LV designs they've been coming out w/recently (Perf, Fringes, Charms)
  9. sorry, but the b-bags have never appealed to me. they have some lovely colors, but oh the tassels.... the straggly tassels.... :wacko:
  10. ^^My thoughts exactly. It was nice when the first ones came out in black a few years ago...but with all the different sizes and colors, it is a little overkill for me *no offense to anyone*
  11. i don't understand multicolore LV or the Kooba Sienna
  12. Fendi Spy clutch. Scares me every time I see it.
  13. I agree! This is the purse forum and each and everyone of us like different bags for different reasons. To each their own. Be nice :biggrin: Unfortunately, even if you don't mean it in a rude way many people here would find it offensive.
  14. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this: but I just realize that there are two "bbags": B. Fendi and Balenciaga! Maybe we should give them different nicknames! :lol:

    Personally, (no offense to Hermes lovers), I do not care for the Birkins... I don't HATE it, it's just not my style. That's all I'm saying.
  15. Agree.;)
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