What bags do you hang a purse charm on?

  1. I love purse charms!!! I bought the dice and heart charms but don't have a lot of big bags to hang them on. The dice isn't too big and looks cute on my sm bleecker signature hobo.
    The heart is kind of big though. Would it look weird on my Carly? Its so cute...and pink I just have to hang it somewhere.

    What bags do you all hand charms on?
  2. I have a strawberry on my tattersall pouch and a heart picture frame on my hobo.
  3. I have an apple on my black sig duffle and a frog keyfob on my leather mahogany tote
  4. I hang my letter charms on almost any bag I carry.
  5. I have the heart luggage charm on my choc sig medium Carly. I have the older J and L charms on my black leather Soho duffle.
  6. my kind of gal...:tup:
  7. I like putting the luggage charms on all of my bags. I think it personalizes them.
  8. I have an initial charm that I put on my bags. It's on my white pebbled leather hobo now.

    I have a Coach charm bracelet that I put on my black pebbled leather business tote sometimes.

    But generally I go with the initial charm and than a scarf.
  9. my large scribble hobo from last year is the only bag i put charms on. i have the watermelon charm and an A charm on it.
  10. I have the watermelon charm on my black signature soft demi pouch, the tortoise keyfob on my medium denim Carly, the M and J charms on my white Ali, and the large multi-colored leather COACH keyfob (don't know the real name) on my black signature Penelope...

    I've yet to decide what bag I want to put my metallic blue/pink/silver star keyfob on... maybe my cobalt signature slim duffle sac.
  11. I have the apple keyfob on my chocolate/bronze Sig Stripe Tote, and the penguin on my large khaki/black Carly!

    I don't put anything on my Ergo Hobo...I think it looks better without.

    I *might* put the new bee keyfob on my Hamptons Carryall, but i'm not sure yet.
  12. I also have the strawberry charm from taralindsey that I have to decide what bag I am going to put it on...
  13. I have an initial charm (from taralindsey) on my black willis bag.
  14. Here is a picture
  15. I use charms on all my bags. They look great on the Carly too.