What bags do you consider to be "stealth wealth"?

  1. Obviously not label ridden, but is there an ionic handbag that you consider a bag that obviously cost alot, but does not scream look at me?
  2. I would say the Hermés Kelly would be a 'stealth wealth' bag. The Birkin is pretty recognizible, so I'm not sure it counts. Also Goyard, though completely logo-covered, isn't ubiquitous, so say, an Okinawa would work. And maybe any Nomade Leather Louis Vuitton bag?
  3. Oh I love that term stealth wealth LOL! I think the woven BVs and the gucci leather horsebit hobos. I notice whenever I wear my gucci hobos people are often trying to find a logo or something, it's funny.
  4. hermes
  5. Definitely Hermes

    Some Chanel, Gucci and LV.
  6. Balenciaga
  7. Hermes
  8. hermes, hermes, hermes! :yes:
  9. Hermes
  10. LV epi line.
  11. ^^^ and Hermes:smile:
  12. Hermes
  13. Hermes!!
  14. Really? Hermes? Maybe it's because I'm in the know but when I see a Hermes it screams "I'M RICH!" Are we talking about design only, not status?
  15. Hermes
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