What bags do you carry for travelling?

  1. I am referring to the actual handbag that you carry throughout your trip, but not the luggage itself. The type of trip I have in mind is more like family trip with sightseeings and shopping; not business nor cruises and such.

    I read in the previous threads that people carry their designer bags (Lv, gucci etc) on their trips. But I do not like the thoughts of putting my LV under the seats on the plane make me uncomfortable. Also the thoughts of having the bags stolen too worries me.

    Do you carry designer or non-designer bags on your trip? Or what brands do you recommand?

    Pleas share!
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  3. I like Goyard for travelling
  4. I don't travel with my designer bags. I'd be too worried about the bag being scratched, ripped, etc to be enjoying my vacation/there is enough stress about traveling itself. I travel with very functional bags that I can carry over my shoulder across my body, that way I can keep an eye on the bag and it frees up my hands. I've gotten a couple of very functional bags with small pockets on the outside and in from Old Navy and Target. They were less than $20 and they've lasted a long while!
  5. Non-designer for sure :biggrin:

    Suggest a shoulder bag, preferably cross body:

    Hobo Colbert
    Leather - $151-95 up to end of today, 14 April

    Hobo Jaunt
    Leather - $178-95

    Baggallini Accordion Bagg - $43-45
    Crinkle nylon.
    Interesting product description off shoebuy:

    Product Description (Women's Baggallini ACB236 Accordion Bagg)

    This cleverly designed bagg with its accordion pleated ends, collapses to a small 13.5" x 2.5" with a snap. Simply pull the ends and snap it flat. Perfect for travel, it expands to an eye popping 20" x 14" shoulder satchel that holds all those treasures you picked up on your trip. While this is great for travel, it's also attractive; you'll want to use it everyday. A large zippered opening allows you to see what's inside and the leather straps are adjustable so it fits your shoulder perfectly.

    Dimensions: 13.5" x 2.5" folded, 20" x 14" open


    Baggallini Only Bagg Tote
    Crinkle Nylon
    15.5" x 10" x 7.5"
    This one has a lot of pockets.

    Each of the outside pockets has a mesh bottle holder and large zippered pockets
    The zippered center compartment is full of organizational help
    There are three large zippered pockets, a key fob, cell phone or PDA pocket, pen and lipstick holders, and a separate secure zippered wallet for your ID, credit cards etc
    As a bonus, a detachable cell phone case is strapped to the handle.:
  6. i use my Louis Vuitton Babylone for traveling. it's compact on the outside and fits a ton on the inside, it's very structured and rigid so nothing inside gets squished or breaks, it zips all the way across the top so nothing falls out, and it sits very comfortably on my shoulder. because i knew i was going to be a little rough with it, i bought a used one off of eBay and it's held up beautifully - LV bags are ideal for traveling since the canvas is practically indestructable.

    even though it's an obviously-logo bag, there are so many fakes that i'm sure most people don't look twice at it. normally i wouldn't like that, but for travelling or taking it to school (i also use it to carry my notebook at college), that's perfect.

    if you want something less showy, i recommend Herve Chapelier. the totes zip across the top and are waterproof, plus they come in a variety of sizes (my fave is the 904) and several of the sizes easily fit a laptop, some mags, a light sweater and an extra pair of flip flops :smile:
  7. I haven't traveled much but if it's on trips to go sightseeing and such, I'd take my kate spades or Coach. My carryon luggage would by my Speedy 40. I use my Speedy 35 everyday and for overnight stays.
  8. I travel a lot and usually I don't take my designer bags. I have quite a few "cheap" bags that are very functional and I don't have to worry about them getting dirty, ripped, scratched... ;)
    Sometimes I do carry a vintage Fendi that is kind of speedy 35-ish (just to give you the idea) and where I can put loads of stuff or a sweater - I'm always cold on planes!! :shame: or a big leather bag if I have to carry my laptop.
  9. I got some bags from BCBG and BR, I usually carry one of those for trips (and also as throw arounds). The reason is the same: I won't have to worry about my designer ones being scratched or whatnot. ;)
  10. It depends where I'm going. Normally I carry epi (petit noe and pochette) b/c its low maintenance and I don't have to worry too much about it but when I'm going to China I just carry a nylon fanny pack. LeSportsac bags make great travelling bags and they come in so many cute patterns and styles.
  11. I take my Speedy 40 as a carry on for domestic travel. It holds all my stuff with some room to spare. When I travel overseas I use a Baggalini tote and a small rolling suitcase because I carry a little more. In both cases, however, I use a Longchamp tote as a purse. I think they look nice but they are relatively inexpensive and won't get ruined if the weather is bad. Plus, they fold up very nicely and take up very little room in the suitcase.
  12. i went on vacation last year and i brought my white lv multicolore speedy. i was so amazed cause even though i placed it on the airplae floor, it didn't get dirty nor was there any scratches.
  13. For normal travelling, I carry my Prada black nylon messenger bag or my Bottega Veneta brown woven hobo.

    If I go to the mountains for hiking, then obviously my weather-proof backpack!
  14. when i went on a trip to korea i wore this...[​IMG]
    but of course i was like 9 hahaha my 4 yr old sister and i matched.

    but now i usually carry a juicy daydreamer because it's terry so i figure if something gets on it i can clean it off with a wet cloth.
  15. It seems like everytime I travel I am always on the search for the perfect all purpose bag.
    I think a lesportsac is great for toting your stuff around at the airport and on the plane. It needs to be big enough to hold my music, magazines, books etc. and I hate placing my bags on the floor so alot of times I have my purse on my lap the whole time which is such a pain.
    As far as choosing a bag to use on the trip itself, I usually bring a epi pochette for night time use, because epi is weather proof, slim yet big enough to hold all your need.
    For day time, I prefer a messenger type bag or shoulder bag.
    Actually the Chanel reissue could be pretty ideal as you can carry it both ways :smile: