what bags do you bring/carry on vacation?

  1. I agree, when travelling I will only take bags with zippers so they are harder to get into (Usually take my maxi BV). I also prefer to take something that is black so that It doesnt get dirty and doesnt attract unwanted attention. I would use that for day and would have a clutch for night.
  2. I mostly go on backpacking trips so I mostly bring along my trusty Converse canvas satchel, or my 9W everyday bag. Both could withstand abuse and could pretty much fit everything. I don't think I'd ever bring my designer handbags on vacations... because I know I'd mostly be under the sun and all my more expensive bags are vegetable leather, which could tan easily :cry:
  3. I take one larger bag for the plane and a smaller bag for walking around siteseeing or a beach bag for the beach. I typically take my Rebecca Minkoff MAC or Boyfriend for days I will be walking around. Comfy crossbody and not too big.
  4. lv and longchamp are my fav travel companions
  5. Totes - are what I take on vacation especial if I am flying and if it is an international flight even more...

    It is just easy to get to everything I need esp on the flight and running around the airport...
  6. Thanks to all the additional baggage fees, I know bring my cabas mezzo (with a pochette tucked inside to be used as my "purse" when I get to my destination) as my purse/extra packing bag along with one piece of carryon luggage.

    If I'm driving, I tend to use my Vera Bradley totes for luggage and just carry whatever bag I'm using as the moment.
  7. Well, the location decides what I carry. We go to Mexico every summer, so I carry a plain, small cross-over, no name or my Banana leather shopper, which I love to carry anywhere, because it's sooo light and carries sooo much....just in case. My husband is adamant that I not carry any designer bags, even though we’ve never felt anything but safe there. You just can't be too careful. If it's a nice town, where we'll be doing a lot of walking, like we visited DC last June, I carry my Burberry Pochette because it’s very small, easy to carry over my shoulder, but large enough to carry a small wallet, lipstick and a few other essentials. I'n Vegas I carry my LV Speedy or Burberry bucket, during the day. Of course, Ii carry a few small clutches/evening bags for going out at night. I also have a HUGE Banana doctor's bag style, gorgeous leather bag that I'll occasionally carry, but it's usually much too big and heavy,
  8. If I HAVE to leave an expensive bag I'n the room I either put it I'n the In-room safe' if it's large enough, or I will put it in a suitcase, and lock it, then put it in the closet and bury as much of it as I can under clothes or those extra pillows and blankets they have in there. ;) I had to do this in DC last June, with my Speedy, and I worried and worried about it!!
  9. I do the same thing. I have never had an issue. I mostly bring my LV Neverfull and then stick my walking around bag in the Neverfull on the flight.
  10. It depends on the type of vacation. For a "go-do-stuff" (lots of sightseeing) vacation it was always one of my Balenciaga Days. For a lounge/lay on the beach vacation, I've traveled with an LV (galliera, ellipse or lockit horizontal) on the plane and then used an LV pochette for going out at night. To the beach, my trusty red mesh tote is used.
  11. I carry, one little black, one clutch, one silver or white , and one big for the beach!
  12. I usually carry my LV Speedy 25 but when I went to New York in January i took my valentino patent leather bag as it matched all of the clothes i had packed. However on the last night that we were in NY our condo caught fire. Ours only had smoke damage but both of my LV bags were sitting on the bed because i was contemplating bringing them. I had to throw both away because I couldnt get the smell out. So i guess my point is from now on i'll bring my favorite bag
  13. For two years in a row, I brought my Chanel expandable flap on my FL trip because of that very reason, it expands and you can fit quite a lot! When I arrive at my destination, I take all the extra stuff out, then zip her back up so she's smaller. I love that bag!! :smile:
  14. When you say you wouldn't take it in the first place, do you mean on the vacation, or to the pool?

    I would still take it with me on the holiday, but not to the pool. I would leave my expensive bags in the hotel, in its dustbag, in the suitcase (and take a fairly easy one to the pool e.g. a Longchamp nylon tote). I haven't had any bad luck with that, fingers crossed, but you could also always lock up your suitcase and just bring the key with you.

    I don't think hotel safes are big enough for anything apart from things like your passport, keys, tickets etc.
  15. We always (not because of my bags because I only bring one and it's not that expensive) put up the 'do not disturb' sign - I know that won't work for a real thief but maybe for a maid who might be tempted.

    We'd rather make our own bed than have all our stuff fussed with (only stay in one place for a couple of days anyway).

    We have a cleaning lady at home and it makes me think sometimes I'd rather do my own cleaning than have to put everything back 'where it belongs'.

    Off topic but don't they put their own stuff back in the same place when they clean at home?- not such a bizarre concept - can you tell today was our cleaning day? :nuts: