What bags did you carry before you developed your handbag fetish?

  1. Before your interest in "designer" handbags what did you carry?
    (Or before this site came into existance LOL).

    I had a couple nine west & DKNY. Seems like a lifetime ago.
  2. guess and esprit
  3. I had one by Kenneth Cole. When I bought my Cole Haan, which was $400, that was the beginning of spending big money on purses, and that's now my cheapest bag I own.
  4. Back in the year 2000, I had a DKNY that I carried for about a year, then I had a black leather bag I had ordered from e-bags. I would pretty much carry the same thing everyday. OMG, how boring!
  5. I've always, since high school that is, carried Coach handbags. Then when I graduated from college and started working I added Dooney (but those are heavy) so went back to Coach. After becoming a SAHM I started buying Kate Spade (maybe it's the microfiber that I thought was so functional and I loved her diaper bag).

    Now that I've found this forum I want an LV really bad. So I'm looking, just haven't decided on which one. I love this place!
  6. Aigner, Brighton and Stone Mountain
  7. Coach and Dooney and Burke when I was in high school and college. :P
  8. Nine West,D&B, DKNY, Ann Taylor and BCBG.
  9. Guess and Liz Claiborne.
  10. Nine West and Guess. Then I bought a Botkier Trigger .. and man that was the most I had ever spent on any one item!!!

    And.... here we are today... :angel:
  11. ^ me too - I had Nine West and Guess in early high school, but started buying Coach by the end of high school!
  12. Nine West, Guess, Bebe. I remember a long time ago, Guess had higher end bags that were really good quality and made from real leather around the $200 mark. They were only available at select stores. That was my first taste of any nicer bag at the time.
  13. basically cotton totes that were silk screened or cheapo bags from when I worked at hot topic
  14. Whatever I saw and liked.
  15. I've always had a bag fetish with or without the designers!

    I'd always be looking for something that looked good or had a certain something. I began with buying things form the market or high street stores with my pocket money. or saving for something in a department store.

    once I started working I began to go bag crazy and I discovered Fiorelli who made some great bags...back in the day! then mandarina Duck. then I discovered vintage and now this forum.