What bags come with the Red and Green stripe ribbon as the handle/strap?

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  1. Today I saw some girl wearing a casual Gucci tote in the beigey brown GG fabric and the strap was the red and green stripes. Does anyone know what bags they make right now with that handle? All I saw At Neimans with that handle was what I was told is a diaper bag.

    I really just want a regular everyday Gucci bag with a red and green strap. I like big bags though. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Ooh I just found this bag on gucci.com I don't remember seeing this one at the store. Does anyone have it? Do you like it?

  3. i don't have it, but i was going to buy it.. but decided not to. The bottom of the bag has a cardboard type like structure so it continues to remain square. So when you're carrying it, the box sticks out, does that make sense? haha i don't know if that makes sense or if im explaining it right. so yeah, when you put your arm down, the bag doesn't fold in, it just continues to be a box at the end. I didn't like how it didn't collapse. But i had a bag with green and red straps. it's the canvas one to the left. I sold it to one of my friends.... GUCCI BAGS
  4. This is the bag I have, except for the color of course, I don't even think they have it in a green! I found this picture on yahoo. Mine has brown leather trim, purchased it a couple months ago at the Cabazon outlet for $500. They still have the all black one!
  5. Ohhh that's not good to hear. I don't like that :sad: I am gonna go to the store and look later though. Thanks for the info!
  6. The pelham shoulder bag has the green and red stripe. It is super cute. It has studs on the corners as well.
  7. I have never seen the Pelham with the green and red stripe. Can you post a picture please?
  8. Okay so I went and looked at that bag today and how disappointing! The style was way cute but you were right. That cardboard thing on the bottom was awwwwful! It makes the bag look terrible on. It reminded me how the YSL Downtown bag would stick out from the bottom when it was worn. Yeah so I had to opt against it :sad:
  9. I like this bag! Is it still available!? What's it called? I want it in brown not black!
  10. I found a pic of it! I got it a few months back...I think in June. They had it for AWHILE, I probably went back to Cabazon three more times after that and they still had it. You might want to call and check at Cabazon, and the other outlets. I went to Cabazon on Friday and I only saw the black. It comes in two sizes, mine is the bigger one. GOOD LUCK! I hope you find it!
  11. The bag GUCCI COOCHIE posted is called the pop tote
  12. There is this bag I saw at the gucci outlet in singapore, I'm not sure what's the model number or the name of the bag.
    It's like a messenger bag, the strap is green and red and the bag is moon shaped.
    Can anyone help me and let me know what's the model number or the name of the bag? Thanks in advance.