what bags came in tan crinkle patent?

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  1. I know the trophy....anything else?
  2. Pilot, Clutch Wallet. I think a Lorca, but no Havana Hobo.
  3. The Pilot and the Clutch Wallet.... I'm not sure what else. I don't think there was a Lorca or Havana.
  4. Haha we posted at the same time Mlinky! I guess there was a Lorca. I am not a Lorca girl, so I forget to pay attention to them.
  5. Oh Also the Hadley wallet.
  6. ^^^ That's right, I forgot the Hadley. I would have loved a TCP Havana Hobo, that's why I know they didn't make one.
  7. RIGHT?! A TCP Havana would have been HOT!
  8. I think I saw a TCP havana at the HH design store...
  9. Oh wow, I bet that was pretty!
  10. Oh Id love that! I fear the trophy is too large for me
  11. The clerk mentioned that all their last season stuff is 50% off too. There was a cordovan corc, and maybe just one bag from the spring season since they won't receive it for a couple weeks (a BRANDY origami bag).
  12. A brandy origami?! We haven't seen that on the site yet! Not that I need another brown bag...