What bags are you watching on eBay right now?

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  1. Looks real (but i'm not an expert on this one) She has a spy in the background.
  2. lol glad i'm not the only one that noticed the spy.
  3. Sad isn't it!! :smile: Now, if we could tell it was real or fake, we would need to be committed.
  4. indeed we would. i did squint at it for a second, though...
  5. lol!!!!
  6. Some red kate spade bags that the auction have ended cause I was either at work and I forgot to check (I'm doing 65 hours a week until the end of March, ugh) or....wait, I was at work and that's it. It sucks cause there are like 3 really good priced brand new with tags red authentic kate spades that I have on my watch list and ended when I logged in the next time.

    Ah....one day.
  7. Borsa: You didn't ask but any seller with " moda" in their name = bad news. :blink:
  8. not necessarily on ebay. all it means is 'fashion' or 'trend' in italian, i believe. most of the fakers use that for websites because the domains aren't already taken, i believe.
  9. that is exactly what i thought when i saw the id, but this doesn't seem to apply. i don't know hogan that well, but seems ok. i just think its an adorable bag in a great color for spring.
  10. Amanda: My friend told me the same thing... but every seller I've seen with moda anywhere in their name seems to sell tons of jeans, bags, or items that are generally faked. And this seller is in the U.S. *shrug*
  11. There is the same Marc Jacobs bag that I have in red, exactly the same. I just don't think that Hogan is copied (I could be wrong).
  12. dellamoda is an excellent seller of authentic bags on Ebay. (It's not me...I just drool over her store from time to time :smile:)