What bags are you overdosed on????

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  1. I am really over some of the bags I see everyday out in the world. You can't turn a corner without seeing the ubiqutious LV mono speedy, the Balenciaga motorcycle, and my personal most disliked: Fendi Spy!! I love the ones that are fascinating looking and I'm not sure what they are. Anyone sick of a particular bag??
  2. hmmmm....I am getting pretty sick of seeing Coach bags everywhere....
  3. Anything fake.
    Not much I can do about it though so I don't let it get to me.
  4. Vera Bradley, although, I think I have seen so many of them I have now become immune. I have four Spy bags, so I have overdosed myself on them.
  5. Lol I forgot about the Vera Bradleys..ick.
  6. I also overdosed on Fendi! I love every LV though...:smile:
  7. D&Bs. . . every little girl under 18 carries one here and they all look the same to me. . . the bags and the girls! LOL!
  8. Isn't THAT the truth!!!! .
  9. Vera Bradley is popular here. I have no idea why. I think they're hideous :throwup: . I always think of someones grandmothers quilt when I see them. :Push:
  10. Teenagers carrying fake LV multicolore pochettes with bows on them :throwup:
  11. Well, when they start faking Vera Bradley we know we are in real trouble! LOL!
  12. Fake LVs and fake coach :sick:.. I can't even make it to one end of the mall to another without seeing atleast 4 or 5 of them.
  13. I don't think I will ever get sick of a nice designer bag, of course I don't see too many of them other than LV around here. I dislike fakes as much as anyone else, but the bags I really hate right now are those hobo style ones with the giant sequins type things on them. :throwup:
  14. I normally am a fan of Fendi's with sequins, but you are right I hate the hobos with the giant sequins, too. The are just a little over the top for me.:nuts:
  15. I agree im sick of the fake bags!!! I also dont like the little girls carrying the D&B bags.
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