What bags are still on your wishlist?

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  1. Your bag wishlist?

    I would like a Madison North South satchel in twist leather. Saw 1 on ebay NWT and I let it slip away :cry:
    also looking to own a zebra print in either the tote or Sadie.
  2. Ooh, good question. I really should STOP buying bags, but if a Madison mini satchel in black or plume, a Madison chain crossbody in plume, or a gray pebbled Legacy Duffle crossed my path at a decent price I wouldn't say no.

    I also still want Mini Tanners in Blush and Periwinkle, but I don't think those will happen.

    Ooh! And a Large Legacy Leather Wristlet in Marine.

    ...I think that's it.

    Sad to say it, but I don't want anything from the newer collections.
  3. Only a couple I think I'll really want, and quite a few maybes. I'm fairly sure about the black pebbled medium Borough, and the smaller Prestons if there's a color I really like. I'm debating on a cranberry mini satchel, studded mini tanner, espresso glitter lizard Sadie, graphic print Sadie, colorblock mini B, peach rose Riley/Minetta, black saff mini tote, another Phoebe, python Cooper...probably a couple others. Hoping to whittle that down to one or two, haha.
  4. ooh yeah! forgot about the Minetta! would love an acid green or love red in pintuck. or the hobo in pintuck :smile: I also can't resist a bargain, so I will probably pick a few here or there even if they are not on my wishlist ...
  5. Here are my future Kelsey ocelot and my future love red pintuck Minetta. I've been trapped in my house in Georgia for 36 hours now. Don't judge. :smile:

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  6. LOL!! :lol:
    That is awesome!
  7. Laura cracks me up with her 'purses'!

    I always say I know what I want next and then I go to the store and walk out with something completely different! :biggrin:

    Two I know off the top of my head are the Madison Hobo in black with silver (though that silt looks amazing too) and the navy bonded N/S tote that was recently revealed. Both very reasonably priced bags considering what I've been spending, >.< :ouch:
  8. I agree, that is awesome! Lol. :smile:
  9. I'd really like the medium Borough bag in all vachetta leather, if they make more for spring, and then I'm done for the year.
  10. Madison woven Caroline in teal...for under $200

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  11. That is just fantastic!!! LOL.
  12. LoL..I love these! I don't want to say I hope you're trapped longer so we can see more of these.....but they are cute!!!

  13. OMG!:lol: I am in New Hampshire, and I am expecting at least 12 inches...so this will be me tomorrow morning:lolots:!
  14. Two tone python small sadie in white.... Omg I want it so bad.... Lol....

  15. Is it already on the website? It sounds interesting.. Do you have a picture?