What bags are popular in your Country?

  1. Paris, Rome, London?

    What's popular in other places, or just popular where you are? What bags do you see a lot of? What's "hot" where you live?
  2. In Boston (sorry not a more exotic locale), the first most popular that I usually see is Coach. Next is Louis Vuitton, then Gucci. You'll see the other occasional designer thrown in, but these are the most common.
  3. In Hong Kong, it is Gucci all the way. It's crazy to walk around and see just hordes of people carrying Gucci (altho of course a large percentage are fakes).
    In Taiwan, I think it is LV and Gucci.
    In Paris, I see so many Longchamps!
  4. A lot of fakes around here but order of preference in authentic I think is:

    Christian Dior
  5. ^^I don't know that line very well. What's it like?
  6. In Munich it is:
  7. Singapore

    Prada, Gucci for most office girls I think
  8. i don't know if i'm not getting out much, but i feel in NY, there's not one particular popular bag or bags. i see everything.. Lv, gucci, botkier, MJ, coach... i can say that i don't see too much hermes though. and of course there are crazy knock-offs esp when the balenciaga de lix and the Spy were so "in".
  9. In Jeddah I mainly see LV & Gucci most of the time
  10. In Brisbane, Australia, I see a lot of LV (be it fake or real) mainly the mono line. I occasionally see a Gucci, Chloe Paddington and a lot of the Balenciaga copies that are floating around at the moment.
  11. I'm currently in Japan.. The closest big city to where I live is Tokyo, which of course is the main market for most designer brands.. Practically every second person carries something branded with him/her!! While you can find people carrying most of the brands that are in the market, the most common ones are Louis Vuitton and Gucci IMO. Chanel is also common, especially with the recent trend within young people to dress classically...
  12. Longchamp and Burberry. Occasionally I see some Balenciaga (mainly inspired) bags. Guess also comes up from time to time.
  13. i'm in asia, indonesia.
    common bags here are LV and gucci.
  14. here in oslo I would say gucci is most common, but I think LV will be taking over soon. FOr people above 30 it's mulberry. Also, burberry and lacoste is quite common for teens. .
  15. i copenhagen i'd say mainly lv, gucci, and strangely enough i see a lot of balenciaga. in helsinki it's like nola said with a bit of lv here and there. i've only ever seen two balenciagas there, real ones that is.

    and of course london.. i see a bit of everything but a lot of gucci and lv.