What bags are over ???

  1. I think the black Kate Spade messenger bag is done and the black nylon Prada hobo's are over too. ( mind you there still great bags )
  2. i know a lot of people are probably going to disagree with me but i am personally so over metallics so any bag that looks like you stole a disco ball and you're toting it around town is definitely out for me. but then again idk if i ever thought metallic bags were good
  3. Yes! I'm so glad someone agrees with me. lol. I could never get into the metallic bags. It felt like if you were carring it outside and the sun hit it just right you could blind someone. :lol:
  4. yeah not quite liking those I don't have any anyway.
  5. I LOVE my Pewter MJ multi-pocket hobo, but I agree--metallics are getting old and so are all the outer pockets on purses. I love my MJ purses, but I'd like to see something new... Everyone slaps pockets to the outside of bags now...
  6. I am really over the Balenciaga motorcycle bags.

    *Puts on flame suit.*
  7. hahaha I am over the Paddy *run*
  8. I am over big giant chain-link handles on bags. Yes, I am looking at you Marc Jacobs.

    And I am WAY over fur bags. Tacky.
  9. Fur bag!!! Yes...I don't like fur bags, I don't quite understand them...
  10. I know these aren't really "designer" but I think D&B It bags and hearts bags and charms bags are out of style- even for teenagers.
  11. metalics and d&b bags for sure...
  12. eh, i know i bunch of people that like them. even the doodle line. i can't stand it!! :Push:
  13. My sentiments exactly...I have fallen victim to metallic bags but granted, that was a few years ago. That ship has since sailed for me.
  14. paddys and balenciagas... don't kill me! eek.
  15. I read that cargo bags are over {Mulberry's I gues? : -(} and quilted is in.
    I have to say though, that for those of us that are practical bag buyers, cargo will probably never be out all the way! I LOVE my new Gucci cargo puse and I LOVE Mulberry! I am a Mommy of 3 including 19 mo old twin boys, I NEED utilitarian bags!
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