What bags are on your wish list?

Not really wishlist but still must wait for a few months after I move out the the Apt then I will have extra $$ for bags bags bags hahaha then I will see that's hot!
Now that I've seen them in person, I want a Botkier Holster and a Kooba Sienna. I'm not sure what colors though. It might depend on what goes on sale or what the new seasons bring :smile:
On the wish list:

Balenciaga Twiggy or first in Baby Blue (on the ebay hunt for one) $1000+ Depends on seller
Balenciaga Box in 06 rouge and camel $955-$985 each
Balenciaga First in ??? TBA $990
Dior Gaucho (double handled tote/red) = $1800+?
1. YSL Oversize Muse in White - $1295
2. Balenciaga Classique in Ink - $995
3. Bottega Veneta large woven hobo in Black - $1600ish
4. Bo'Em woven straw tote - $225 (it's on nm.com and soooo cute)
5. some LV, i don't know what yet...maybe a monogram canvas mizi? - $1350
6. Dior Saddle in Black - i don't know how much it is because i can't FIND it lol.

This will be my next purchase,I'm going :nuts: over this Dior.