What bags are in Oil of Olay ad?


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Dec 20, 2006
I briefly saw an ad in a magazine at the hairdresser's for Oil of Olay that had around 9 bags in it. I think it said something about "always in style." I wish I could find it online to link it, but have been unable to find it to show. I am in love with one of the bags, but am pretty clueless when it comes to designer bags. Does anyone know anything about this ad or the handbags in it? If so, please share the info. I especially like the tan one with the large flap. Thanks!
If I remember that ad correctly, those aren't really designer bags. They all have a few details that make them look sort of similar to some of the big-name "it" bags, but they aren't really designer bags themselves...
The ads are eye-catching. I've seen them in magazines and look at the bags, rather than the product! (not their intention, I'm sure) And they do resemble popular styles.