What bags are available to order now through JAX, but are not on the website?

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  1. I thought this might be an interesting thread to start. Sorry, if something like this has already been.

    I 'heard' a PCE might be starting the 6th of February:yahoo:. Not sure if this is boutique or factory-related (Jan 27th, 2009, 09:58 PM, WhoWho WhoWho, Joined: Nov 2008, Posts: 40 "customer shopping event feb 6-16th")

    Everytime there is a PCE available, I always wonder what else is available:confused1:. What I could order through JAX, that is not on the website or in the boutiques yet:shrugs:. If you have pics of upcoming bags, please also post:tup:.
  2. I heared that the Grey and Lilac sabrina will be out sometime arround february, just not sure when exactly in february. Maybe Middle?
  3. Some of the Parker bags are available at the moment - I didn't check all of them but my SA said the hippie and the shoulder are available to order in some colors right now.
  4. Does anyone know anymore about the Parker Pieced Leather Op Art bag? What styles it comes in? What colors? I was really interested in the Pieced-Leather Resort Tote, just didn't like the lighter colors it was available in.
  5. What about the Sabrina in the patent leather: like the green and black one? What colors is it available in? Any new colors coming out soon?
  6. I love the Parker hippie!
  7. Originally posted by 'Mary G': "I stop by the coach store I allways go to tonight Its on my way home from work to show the mgr. the pics of this bag on my labtop she called CS and its called the Bonnie Satchel # 13377 avail in april I did not get prices there were no sketchs even or measurement maybe someone can ask Jax. There is a bonnie convertible tote like in the article didnt get the style # but is avail to order right now in black and there are some other colors avail feb 1st. it reatailed for 458. Heres the convertible bag from the article I relaly like the blue and green one!"


    Has anyone found out any more info on this bag: style number? This may be a PCE option for me.........
  8. I really like the blue/green one. The other one is okay, just seems a bit busy to me with the different colors and fabrics.
  9. I like the blue/green also!
  10. Me to! It was avail in black/silver and the Sa called Jax and said it should be avail the first week of feb. The blue and green one . She put me in the sytem to be called when the blue and green is avail. I didnt get the style # but you can call Jax and ask for the the bonnie conv tote.
  11. what is pce? can anyone order from JAX? :confused1:
  12. What is JAX?
  13. JAx is jacksonville, the central ordering facility for coach and the telephone number listed on the coach website. anyone can order through that number. pce is preferred customer event where coach sends out cards to some customers with a discount amount (usually 20%). these cards normally have to be used at the boutiques i believe. hope this helps!
  14. I will try to call JAX this afternoon and get some information. Does anyone have modeling pics of this type of bag? Is this basically the same bag as the Ergo Convertible tote? I haven't seen either IRL. I will do a search for some pics.

  15. Its in the spring video someone posted I will look for a link! If you do call Jax please let us know what you find out!