What bags & accessories would you take on a tropical vaca?

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  1. We're off to the Bahamas in a few weeks and I'm trying to plan what to bring. I always pack too much and I wind up not using half the stuff. What bags, accessories & SLGs are your vacation must-haves?
  2. I'm in Hawaii right now as I write this and chose to bring my pochette NM, pocket organizer, and zippy compact. For a bag I brought a Longhchamp Le Pliage. I hemmed and hawed about bringing a Neverfull but am glad I didn't. It's hot, I have sunscreen on almost all day and I would've worried about staining. I have a long chain purchased off of eBay that I I've used with my pochette NM to go to dinner with my pocket organizer as a wallet. My zippy compact is in a drawer in our condo. The Le Pliage has been perfect, I take it to the pool, beach, etc...
  3. Ooh enjoy your upcoming trip!

    I live in the Tropics so we go to the beach a lot!

    I pack too much every time and figure, who cares haha! As long as I don't pay excess baggage I'm happy to have choices on what to wear.

    I always bring a giant tote of some sort. (I'll attach a photo of my trusty LV neoprene monogram scuba). You need a giant open bag to dump towels in, sunblock, sun glasses, etc.

    I bring my pochette for makeup and stuff and my key cles but those stay in the hotel room. I don't want salt water going near the vachetta!

    I highly suggest a nice hat that goes with most of your outfits. I dislike hats but on the trips I forgo them, I end up borrowing my husband's baseball caps. Yucky in photos. So be prepared and bring a NICE hat that covers your face.

    Bring sarongs if you have them. They are great cover ups after a dip in the ocean. And if you tie them around your neck, they can be halter top dresses. That way you can still walk to the room in style after a swim.

    Bring conditioner for your hair! The ocean will make it feel like a broom.

    Sunblock of course.

    Ziplock bags to put your cellphone in while at the beach? (Sometimes the waves get rough and you may need this.. Or sometimes the wind blows the sand everywhere)..

    Don't forget to pack going home clothes! I usually forget this and feel embarrassed arriving in the city looking like a half dressed beach bum! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458101530.585620.jpg
  4. OOH, one more tip I need to share..

    Be CAREFUL in wearing sunglasses to the pool or ocean. Make sure they are a pair you will not miss!

    You know how in the movies or in paparazzi shots, we see stars swimming with their sunglasses on? Or jet-skiing with sunglasses?

    Well, I wore my mirror lens Pradas while frolicking in the sea years ago.. I did not go underwater in them, of course.. Just walking around, body in the water.. Taking photos.. Feeling like some celebrity (LOL)..

    Days later when I got home, the lenses looked oil slicked and the metal frame looked totally rusty. It was so hearbreaking!

    From that moment on, I only use "cheap" (but cute) plastic sunglasses near the water. My designer sunglasses are only for walking INTO the island resort, and walking OUT.

    Something about the salt air that might ruin them, so don't take the chance and learn from me!
  5. My neverfull and my pochette. Neverfull because it can carry so much and pochette because it is the perfect size for heading out with just a few things. Also in DE. It is so easy and worry free and the last thing you want on vacation is worrying about vachetta. Also if I am headed to a country with different currency I like to carry my Multicartes.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458108515.345876.jpg Neverfull
  7. Speedy b 30 damier azur, pochette NM damier azur (to use as an evening bag, wallet or passport holder) with eva strap if you have one for hands free option, cosmetic case pm, sunglasses case mm I damier azur!
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  8. Azur NF, and a pochette or Eva, have a fun trip!
  9. Thank you thank you thank you....awesome suggestions!! ManilaMama, we live in Jersey so we are beachgoers from May-September but yours are some great tips that I never thought of!! Thanks to all.
  10. Pochette or Eva. Big bags and totes are always left in the hotel room. They're just good for the trip there and back.
  11. I go to southern Spain a lot bc my parents just moved there.
    I always take my Pochette Acessoires with me. I use it for passports, tickets, tissues, hand sanitizer, earbuds and lip balm (dry air on the plane) and it turns into a great roam around day time cross body (got a cross body strap for it) and a nice dinner bag for evening.
    I use the Neverfull for shopping days. If you want a more pickpocket safe bag id take a speedy Bandoulière if you have one:smile:
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  12. Keepall 45
    Cosmetic Pouch PM
    Marie Wallet
    Passport cover
    Mimosa sunglasses
    Accessories pouch with its short and long crossbody strap
    Old bag (petit mono bucket or epi sac plat) for those days that are wet, humid, or less than perfect. =)
  13. Maui Jim makes some that are suitable to wear in saltwater. I have yet to test that out...