What Bag would you wear with this?

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    I need some advice...I recently purchased this coat and need some ideas as to what bag(s) I could wear with it? I tried it on with jeans and a silk shell, and thought a red classic flap would be best...but do you have any other ideas?

  2. I was going to suggest any classic flap..red or black.

    That is a sharp looking coat!

  3. Thanks, Blushingbaby for the advice and comments on coat. I :heart: it!
  4. I think white would works better...
    white flap or clutch?black is fine too...--> so the coat would stand out.lol! that's what I always do..
  5. Simple black or red bag. I like blushingbaby's ideas on the classic flap.
    It will go so well :smile:
  6. I think the grey and beige flaps would work too.
  7. any color flap bag will do.. its loaded with beautiful colors and by the way, I love it
  8. That is a drop-dead gorgeous coat! :drool: Personally, I would like it with a black bag so that the red bag isn't competing with the reds in the coat, but just my opinion -- enjoy wearing it you will get a bizillion compliments :yahoo:
  9. ITA^^ If you wear a black classic flap, the colors of that GORGEOUS coat will pop. Enjoy it!!
  10. Gorgeous coat!! I would go black jumbo reissue.
  11. Black bag- that coat is gorgeous
  12. I like the idea of a clutch. That way a chain is not competing for attention with this beauty.
  13. i love this coat too--which season is it from :smile:

    SOOOO pretty...where do you plan to wear it or what do you plan to wear it with?

    And if you dont mind me asking--how much was it?

  14. Gorgeous coat!! I would go with black or navy.
  15. LOVE the coat!!! I would pick up a color that is in the background of the coat. That way, the bag would offer an accent of color that also compliments the coat. A win-win situation. Better still if it's a shade that you will wear with other outfits.

    Edited to add: as for style; if you want classic, well the flap is it. For a trendy look, you could go with anything. You can do so many looks with that coat. Great piece.