What bag would you wear with these red Hermès thigh high boots?

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    Hi lovely ladies,
    I have a beautiful pair of suede over the knee red boots from H, but I can’t decide what kind of bag to wear with it (or to buy in the future).
    The only 2 red bags I have are a Perrin Paris clutch with rose gold & silver hardware & a small red embroidered Chloe bracelet bag.
    What bag would you wear with these boots?
    Also, if you saw these boots in store, what shades of H red should I be looking for in a bag?
    I put an Orange Poppy Porosus Kelly Cut next to them and they looked nice together, but the lighting inside some stores are not that great, so who knows.

    I have 2 pairs of red jeans & 2 red jackets (a classic 6 button Balmain & a longer Chanel one) & love doing an all red looks.

    Here’s a picture I found that might depict the color better (pic 2)
    Picture of my actual boots. More red orange than this (pic 1)
    055DE4B0-1B87-4C7B-97AC-8950D6476A6B.jpeg 467B82A3-94DE-4AAE-B09C-A11433C62898.jpeg D5E504BB-B2FB-42B3-ABFC-302F6C03A062.jpeg
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  2. Clearly, this signifies you need a red Birkin!
  3. Love the boots , for bags try orange, etoup, grey or black? For clothes, grey or beige?
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  4. I know, right????
    And probably towards a bigger size instead of smaller one?
    Maybe an Epsom 25 would make it a bit too tacky Housewive and what I need is a slouchy Clemence 30?

    Thank you. I mix and match them, but LOVE monochromatic looks and would like suggestions for a red bag with these boots since the boots and ALL red is already so over the top. Believe it or not, the boots are more toned down when worn with red than other colors. When worn with anything else, all you see are the boots lol they’re great
    I have an Etoupe B25 that could probably look nice with all red until the red bag comes...
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  5. Black Porosus Croc Constance 24.
  6. The lighting is terrible in-store!

    Shoes and bags colours don't always correspond anyway (same with silk, look at Bleu Glacier) and same-name colours look different in different lathers too.

    I would let the boots do the 'talking' and go for a contrasting neutral that works with the rest of the outfit.
  7. I was offered a black alligator C18 RGHW; one of the chicest bags I’ve ever tried on!!!! It was either her or the exact HGB I asked for. I took the HG & added her to my wishlist! Although I want to compare her to a 24 before I decide to get one. I’ve only tried a vintage 23, which was different inside.

    I don’t need it to match, just a red that goes with it & I can wear the bag & boots with other things & it doesn’t look off.
    You would think given they’re world famous for their colors, their lighting would be at least decent. I bought an Eileen belt thinking it was Capucine-ish. When I saw it in daylight it was raspberry...
    I love H stores with big windows and lots of daylight!

    By contrasting neutral you mean if I’m wearing all white-ish with the red boots to wear my Etoupe B25?
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  8. I was offered a Black Croc C18 recently too. Honestly, I did not take it because I did not want to send the wrong message that it was enough of a pacifier. I will get one in Nilo or Porosus down the road, but not now.

    I think the C24 is a lot more practical than the C18. They are both chic. C24 is simply louder.
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  9. I'd use the boots as a centre piece of your outfit, so that they stand out completely from the rest.
    A total red look sounds nice, but you have to be careful to match similar shades of red, otherwise it can turn quickly into a 'cheap-looking' disaster, and we want sexy posh chic here!! :smile:
    Bag wise, I wouldn't mind a black one here, doesn't necessarily have to be Hermes, but a red Birkin never hurt anybody, I am right? I have one in Rouge Tomate and my sis in law has one in Rouge Casaque.
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  10. If that works nicely, but yes that's what I mean.
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  11. Trust me, doesn’t look cheap at all. It looks stunning. My Chanel & Balmain jackets are beautiful & the shade of red of the whole thing is a bit toned down (maybe like a Capucine?) that’s what keeps the whole thing from looking cheap (starting with the boots. Otherwise you buy the wrong red and they’ll pay for themselves lol).
    I think a slouchy red B30 (I like rouge tomate!!) would look nice or a red Celine Phantom (but she’s so big, if I’m all dressed in red you’ll see me get in from across the street lol).
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  12. I think that’s what came to mind because ot was how they showcased the boots & jacket I got (except in my example the bag was the neutral).
    Haven’t dared wear the coat & boots together yet...
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  13. I want mod shots!! :heart::heart::graucho::graucho::tup:
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    I see those boots with an earth tone cozy, oversized midi sweater dress!
  15. I don’t like matchy matchy myself , so I’d also use a neutral bag and let the beautiful boots be the main course,