What bag would you wear for an interview?

  1. Which bag of yours would you wear for an interview?

    Feel free to post photos-
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  2. My Coach Madison Carryall it is still wow enough and looks very business..

  3. I guess that would depend on what job you were applying for and if you want to stand out or blend in, how much money the job paid, etc.
  4. ^^ Nah. Not sure I agree with that. Perhaps in a high end position ie. President, CEO position in fashion, a premier bag might be more applicable, but I really don't think the bag is what lands the woman the job. It's the entire package; hair, makeup, appropriate clothing and preparedness.

    Most of the time, I would think it is preferable to wear a bag that is under the radar, because if you are seeking employment you don't want to risk "looking" more established than the employer!
  5. Can you tell us what kind of job it is and if you have an outfit picked out?
  6. I agree. You don't want to carry something too flashy. I think a neutral bag with a simple design would do.
  7. Thank you all for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it. I don't have many girl friends or any sisters to call on.

    The job is a cocktail waitress position at a major Vegas casino (Wynn). The girls there are gorgeous and polished and totally intimidating to me, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I've been preparing for the questions, and actual interview, but I still want to look my best, because in this field, it's very important.

    I was planning on wearing:

    - Stretchy/microfiber, black, cap-sleeve, mid-thigh length dress with a cross-over bodice. It's very flattering, but not too trashy or tight. It's my go-to little black dress for family occasions/etc.
    - Black or nude sheer hose.
    - Black dress shoe of some kind (need to purchase), maybe Aldo pumps?
    - Tasteful neutral make-up & nailpolish, and having my hair done beforehand.
    - Simple earrings & possibly a thin necklace or bracelet.
    - ?? Bag ??

    It feels very thrown together for me, as my wardrobe needs a serious revamping lately, but I don't have a lot of time right now, so first things first.

    I have a few days to find something better, any suggestions?

    I know to keep things neutral and professional, but that leaves many options. I don't really want to look too stuffy in a blouse and skirt, or some kind of suit/blazer/pants type thing -- that seems a bit old and a little out of the element, but please correct me if you disagree....

    I really don't feel the most confident wearing all black in August in Vegas for a 12 noon interview, but I don't know what some softer, appropriate options are, and I'd have to purchase them. I look terrible in khaki/tan/brown, and don't want to be too bold by wearing a bright colors like I often do.

    I'm aiming for a polished, but still youthful look.

  8. Cocktail Waitress at a Vegas Casino! How exciting! :nuts: :biggrin:

    What you're aiming for ("polished, but youthful") sounds about right. And I totally agree with you on not wearing a blouse and a skirt for this job interview. It would look too office-y.

    I think the dress you described would be very appropriate, especially if you also wear it to family occasions. I would go with a nude sheer hose instead of the black because then the overall outfit might be too dark. Nice pair of simple black pumps sounds good, and so do your make-up, hair, nail, and jewelry ideas.

    Now onto the bag. Since you're pairing it with a nice black dress, how about a nice, medium sized clutch on chains? Or a small handbag with some color? I wouldn't go with a large-sized bag/satchel with your outfit.

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    Tory Burch Steffi Clutch

    Tory Burch Reva Clutch

    Lauren Merkin Diana Metallic Snake Clutch

    Rebecca Minkoff MAC

    Rebecca Minkoff Black Snake Fling Minaudiere

    Good luck on your interview! :woohoo: :flowers:
  9. black louis vuitton epi speedy.
  10. a plain understated leather black bag
  11. i wouldn't wear a bag at all. just carry a black portfolio. less distraction and judgement :smile:
  12. I am not sure what you are not agreeing with here. ??
  13. ^^ Hi nascar, What I meant was I didn't feel the type of position should dictate the type of bag. Coach had recommended a coach and you thought it depended on what kind of position. (" and if you want to stand out or blend in, how much money the job paid, etc.") IMO, I don't think it is ever wise to wear a Chanel or any logo bag on an interview. I think the interviewer wants to see how the person is dressed and if they are qualified for that position. The bag should be a super understatement and not take away from their overall image. ;)
  14. I think the outfit works well for the position. I agree with the nude panty hose. I have a black Francesca biasia bag that I keep specifically for interviews. With the outfit you described I think you could get away with a nice sold colored leather bag.

    Good luck on your interview!
  15. I always carry something discreet, usually my Gucci large boston bag (it is plain black leather) or a black leather Burberry tote.