what bag would you take to the club with you

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  1. me and my dh are going out tomorrow for our 1st anniversary. We're going to a sushi bar then going to a club. I was gonna take my mono pochette. I have taken my speedy with me before but i cant dance with a handheld bag lol what do you guys do??
  2. I would take a pochette. I took my MC speedy once and then last weekend went out with my MC aurelia and man was it annoying. I think a pochette would have been so much better.
  3. I think a wristles would be the best choice and the safest one too. A pochette i s a good choice if it can fit all your things. I usually use Pochette melville, but it IS too big and it's not safe to use an across-the-body type of bag at all times when clubbing allthough I've had pickpocketing yet. It's a pretty safe environment where I go though.
  4. well i will only have some cash, a cell and my id and a lip gloss so the pochette would work well i think. I love my speedy too though. Its a tough decision lol
  5. I usually take a pochette.. that way I can wear it on my shoulders and it's small.
  6. I have the segur pouch, little bigger than the pochette.
  7. Well personally... If I was a woman I wouldn't take a bag to any club.

    1. I LOVE to dance... so I dont want to worry about holding onto my bag while dancing and if I had a man I wouldnt make him sit and hold by bag if he didnt want to dance..

    2. Since I am a guy I carry a wallet but its so bulky in my pants I hate it and a lot of the clubs/bars I go to you can sit down too so its uncomftorable, now I bought the pocket organizer from the LV CUP line to put in my front pocket since its so thin and can hold more IMO than my porte carte simple can.

    long story short I think its best to be hands free if you want to carry cash, let your man hold it for you in his pocket/wallet or stuff it in your bra! no worries lol
  8. ^ Matt a lady needs more than cash! Damm we need make up touch up we don't look this fabulous all the time LOL.

    I'd go with the pochette unless you have other options but def. a small bag
  9. Not only ladies need more than cash (actually, playing your cards right, you shouldn't need cash. =P Maybe for the ride home. ), I'm not a lady, but I certainly manage to fill up a pochette.

    I don't think there's any problem dancing with a bag as long as it's not too bulky and big.
  10. pochette definitely!!
  11. Definately something small like the pouchette, otherwise a held hand bag will get a bit annoying and I think you will tired of trying to juggle it along with drinks/dancing by the end of the night.
  12. You can't dance up close to your DH while holding a Speedy!!! (Won't look sexy either--so clunky!) LOL
  13. I think that the pochette would be great. If it were me, I'd wear the Sophie with the long strap, so my hands were free.

  14. I agree with you. I take a clutch that I can hang on my wrist usually and throw in my phone, idea, lipstick and keys in it. I would never take my speedy to a club.
  15. i usually take whatever i feel like since the clubs i go to hold mines for me...but if your going to hold on to it i say maybe a pouchette or a clutch with a wrtist strap...perhaps a shirley.