What bag would you pay full price for?

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  1. Other than the two LVs that I've purchased, I haven't paid full price for any bag. And I buy bags that I really want and not just b/c they're discounted. I guess I would pay full price if I fell in love with a bag and just had to have it right now but so far...I haven't had to.:yes:
  2. A Balenciaga Day. I have been thinking about it and researching, an the resale value is so high, it isn't worth the difference to buy it used. So I think I might just pay the retail, perhaps at Christmas time. However, to date, I have not bought a single expensive bag at retail.
  3. Of course I want to get a good deal on my bags, but I have no problem paying full price and then some, if I want it bad enough.
  4. Hermes Birkin. I even paid a markup for a birkin, since it is not readily available.
  5. I don't have a problem paying full price for any bag I wanted.
  6. Vuitton never goes on sale. So, I am thinking about getting a Petit Noe in Mono canvas....but I'm not in any hurry...saving up the cash... For other bags, they will all go on sale someday. For me, the whole fun is stalking a bag until it goes on sale. Anyone can pay full price if they really want it. The fun is the chase, the hunt, the pounce!
  7. i've never paid retail on any bags. since retail is so much higher than the cost of making the bag + incidental costs, i could never justify paying retail. I'm always looking out for a great deal on a bag I want. If I can't get it at a price I can justify, I move on. There's just too many pretty alternatives. :search:
  8. My JC Radiant
  9. Vuitton and hermes
  10. A F/W 07 Balenciaga.
  11. Hermes & Chanel classics
  12. I am always looking for a deal on a bag (finding great ones is the only reason I have close to the collection I want- couldn't afford it otherwise). The only bag I have paid pretty much full price for was my pre-loved Bordeaux City, but because it was a color/leather not made anymore :smile:
  13. if i really wanted a bag and could afford the retail price then i would go for it...especially if it was rare. normally i never have to tho....i usually always get a good deal on my purchases.
  14. Balenciaga
  15. I hate paying full price for bags, except for Balenciaga. Even though they look great worn in, I prefer them new.