What bag would you grab?

  1. If there was a fire and you had time to grab only one bag what would it be?
  2. I would be too busy trying to rescue all of my cats to worry about my bags!
  3. Same here, but I'd also grab one of my giant totes to put my chihuahuas in!!

    But if I didn't have pets, then I'd grab my blue plaid Coach demi because it was the first "designer" bag that my mom ever got for me, so it has sentimental value, and my black Coach Hamptons hobo from last summer (the one with the pom poms) because my best friend gave it to me as a graduation gift. (I know I picked 2, but all of my bags are in my closet, so I could just grab whatever)
  4. This is very difficult...probably my Judith leiber evening bag...my 4 year old daughter gave it to me for Mother's Day this year, and I tend to be very sentimental. But...take that one out of the picture and I guess it would be my Chanel tote...it is the most classic! But...I am getting very sad at the thought of leaving any bags behind....:wtf: :crybaby:
  5. omg, I was thinking about the same thing last night! probably one of my vintage clutches
  6. my MJ trish. paid for with the bulk of my summer earnings rather than bought for me by indulgent parents
  7. Moschino "melted chocolate" calfskin bag - my Bf paid for it and he would kill me if I went for any other bag over this one!
  8. My Epi Speedy in myrtille!
  9. Ha! My BF and I were discussing this very issue on our walk tonight!

    I am pretty lucky coz I only have two bags, so I'd put my Chanel clutch in my epi Alma and be out the door! (or window)
  10. Assuming all the humans and pets were out OK, I would have to save my Tiger Bag, of course! :biggrin:

  11. Eeek! :wtf:

    Oh dear, I suppose I should save my BV, then.

    Oh, I'm so confused, LOL!!! :lol:
  12. After the pets, of course, my new BV shoulder bag. 2nd save would be my Moo Roo evening bag (the first splurge bag I ever bought myself).
  13. After my dh and kids, I would save my damier speedy 30.:yes:
  14. i would get my b-bags in this order : put my "first" in the "purse" and put it in the "city"
    after that i grab my LV cerises speedy and put them al on my big marni bag...
  15. Chloehandbags - perhaps I should leave my other half behind in the fire with the Moschino and grab my Chanel classic flap instead!! No - only kidding - perhaps I should rescue both the bags and then my boyfriend!

    No - of course, boyfriend first is the correct thing to do!