what bag would you get with a budget of $1100

  1. Help, Ladies...pls suggest some bags for $1100 & under...im leaning towards a hampstead mm or a epi souflot in ivorie. I currently have a BH, Ebene Mini Lin Speedy, i sold my damier 25 & my reg batignolles (i stopped using them because after my BH & Mini Lin Speedy the other bags just felt too small).
  2. an epi souflot in ivoire sounds nice + it's leather!
  3. epi soufflot! promise to post pics, ok? that bag is TDF!!!
  4. ^^it will be a while, will be getting it in June in the US

    what about you? have you decided whats your next purchase?
  5. If you sold your other bags because they were too small, then I'd say the Hampstead MM is better for you.
  6. Ivorie Epi Soufflet or Alma!
  7. Ivorie epi or monogram alma.
  8. I love the epi ivoire passy bag. It's $1240 tho. I also love the alma in that color. The damier hampstead is nice too tho. It is probably easier to take care of and more versatile being a year round color.
  9. not yet- i'm too indecisive! will definitely let you know what i end up getting. can't wait to see what you'll bring home in june. :smile:
  10. I say hamstead, or maybe a bucket, if you like damier what about the marais? You also get a pochette with it! x
  11. Epi soufflot in ivoirie. But, it's also a small bag.
  12. How about the epi petit noe? It's $950 and quite roomy!
  13. Epi Jasmin in black or Ivory = 1,080
  14. The epi soufflet!!!:heart:
  15. I also like the Epi Soufflot but it is on the small side.