What Bag would you get in Bordeaux? Blake or Lg. Multipocket?

  1. I'm on a bag buying spree this week! I spotted and caressed the New blake in Bordeaux. I'm in love with the color, however, I'm not sure what style I should get.

    here is what i have:

    Venetia in Black w/silver hardware
    Blake in Tomato Red w/silver hardware
    Small Multipocket in Peacock w/silver hardware
    Emily Bowler in Truffle w/gold hardware

    What would be good for my collection? I haven't see the multipocket in real life in the bordeaux.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


    Blake: (courtesy of eisse)
  2. Blake -it's such a classy bag, and that color makes it even classier!
  3. ^ i completely agree. the sophisticated and structured shape of the blake would complement the bordeaux much better than the mp, which i consider to be a more casual looking bag.
  4. I vote lrg MP - only because you don't own one yet, and I imagine the Tomato Blake "pops" the same formal outfits you'd wear a bordeaux version with.

    The bordeaux IRL is absolutely stunning isn't it?
  5. I agree completely with you! the color it TDF. I also liked the BR Bloomsbury bags in the bordeaux color and regretted not getting one 2 years ago. But after seeing this bad boy, It has to be mine...now just the style. You make a valid point about not having that one in my collection
  6. I think you should go with the large MP as well. You already own the blake, and don't need another since they're so heavy. The large MP might have some weight, but it definitely has more room.
  7. I would go with the blake for sure. It is such a classic mj bag, and is so versatile. Plus bordeaux is such a yummy color!!!
  8. Blake!! It's gorgeous in this color...
  9. I also go with the Blake. Eisse's is so beautiful!!
  10. I vote for the bordeaux blake but I'm biased b/c I have one myself!:tup: The color is really TDF!! Let us know which you get and don't forget pictures.
  11. I vote for the large Multipocket, it holds a ton and sits nicely on the shoulder. I love my Blakes but wish I had more large MPs instead.
  12. I would go for the lg MP but I have (2) blakes.....I love bordeaux....the lg MP in this color is on my wish list for sure!!!
  13. blake, hands down
  14. MP it is fantastic in that color and a different bag for you!!
  15. HI Emmy! I was wondering what you would say as I know you have a tomoto blake as well...LOL! Thanks for the input