What bag would you choose? HELP

  1. Need help deciding! I trust your opinions!
    What bag do you like best?:heart:
    Thanks Ladies
    Coach # 2
    Coach # 4
  2. Coach #4
  3. coach #2.....you can put alot of stuff in it
  4. either coach #2 or #4..depends on how big do u want it:smile:
  5. I'd have to go with the understated look of the Furla. My second choice would be Coach #4.
  6. coach 2 i have the bigger version of that bag and i LOVE it it holds everytihng :smile: and im sure the small version would do a good job of holding a good amt too!

    coach 2 is nice but the black is a little too much i think against that print :smile:
  7. I like coach 4. It's edgier.
  8. Love the Furla. :yes:
  9. Coach #2.. I love satchels!
  10. Coach #4 just based on looks alone
  11. number 4 hands down! I love it!
  12. Coach #4
  13. Coach #4 :yes:
  14. Coach 4 is really nice, edgier than the other two. :yes:
  15. furla!! Don't like the coaches at all.. :s