What bag would you carry on a trip to Europe? Over $1,000 or under $200?


What bag would you take to Europe, or travelling in general?

  1. I would take one of my $1000+ bags because I want to look my best and I am not afraid.

  2. I would never take an expensive bag, I would buy something for $____ (insert price here).

  3. I would take my expensive bag and if it got a little damaged, sell it on ebay for a $400 discount.

  4. I would buy a bag over there!

  5. Other...state...

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  1. Dear Fellow Purse Bloggers,

    Let me preface this post by stating that there have been a few threads that I have ever started where I have ever really NEEDED an urgent response, and this is one of them! I need your help guys!

    So, I am days away from a trip to Europe that I have been anticipating for months, my bedroom looks like a clothes bomb has just gone off within it, and I am literally having nightmares about what bag to take.

    (Not to mention the fact that I recently re-injured my knee, so now I will be travelling as a cripple -- has anyone had kneecap problems?)

    Anyway, here are the facts:

    1. Sept 11- Oct. 7

    2. Germany, Venice, Croatia, Paris (Fashion week!)

    3. travelling by car, may be staying and so-so places or bed and breakfasts.


    What bag would you take? Would you take an expensive bag (it would be so great to tote something beautiful around the world). Or would you be afraid of damage, theft, loss etc?

    If you would take an expensive bag, which one is great for travel, and goes with nearly everything? Especially DURABLE, and does not scratch/ damage easily?

    If you would take a less expensive bag, can you name a bag that still evokes class under $200?

    If anyone cares to be really really kind.... What sort of packing list would you have in terms of clothing?

    Does anyone know great hotels in the areas I mentioned?

    Sorry if I am a little panicked... preflight jitters. :smile:
  2. i would use somethign nice and practical nothing over the $500 mark
  3. I'm in the same boat and will be watching to see what everyone thinks.
    I'm going to England for a few weeks and my main concern is having to put my handbag in my checked luggage. I'm not sure if they are still doing this, but basically on US-UK flights you can/could only carry your money & passport. Passengers were being given plastic grocery bags to carry these items in and forced to put handbags, etc in their suitcases to be checked.:wtf:
  4. Further thoughts.

    I know, there are so many roadblocks.

    1. Is it Safe from theft?
    -- theft in the hotel?
    -- theft on the street?
    -- theft in the checked luggage?
    -- theft in the car?

    2. Is it safe from damage?
    --Being carried all day every day, in and out of car, trains, planes etc.

    3. Is it easy to lose?
    -- Not as easy to get it back if you forget it in a foreign country.



    1. Isn't it great to get a lot of use out of bag. Isn't that the point? Don't you want a lot of people to see it?

    2. Don't you want to feel great and stylish all around the world, in Paris etc?

    3. A lot of trourists fall into the trap of dressing like tourists (khaki shorts, t-shirts, waistpacks) when there is no need. You can dress the way you do at home in any country, and then you will look like a local!

    4. Even if you damage the bag, you can sell it as used on ebay for a discount of $400, the cost of buying a less expensive bag that you will never wear again once you get home!
  5. I would definitely take 1-2 expensive bags with me to use in Venice and Paris. I have been to these cities and the luxury handbag factor is very high! A small messenger bag from LV og Gucci would be very practical and trendy but if were to visit all the high end luxury shops in Paris and be there during the fashion week, I would definitely carry a "over 1000 $" bag with me…. I’d take my Fendi spy bag with me! I haven’t been to Germany and Croatia, but I am pretty sure that the luxury handbag factor isn’t as high in these countries. When I say luxury handbag factor I mean people in the streets carrying a luxury handbag.
    Good luck and welcome to Europe!
  6. I would bring a nice bag, but not one that would break my heart if it got damaged AND plan on buying at least one there.

    When I travel to Europe, I never bother to buy "souveniers," but I like to buy a piece of clothing, shoes or a handbag so that every time I wear it I will remember how much fun I had on the trip.

    My favorite momentos are my boots from Carnaby Street in London, scarves from Germany and Paris and sweaters from Canada.
  7. I would take something fun and funky and definately buy an expensive one over there. I'd probably use a very "New York" bag, like a Marc Jacobs Tote with enough room for maps, passport, guide books, water, and so forth.
  8. I too am going to Europe in 1 month (Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome). I plan on bringing a lot of my expensive handbags! Chloe, Balenciaga, LV...they are all going with me! I will basically bring the ones that match my outfit. I don't have any fear of them getting stolen anymore than if I were to fly cross country from Florida to California. It's not like it's more likely to get stolen because you are in another country.

    On top of that, if I am going to these beautiful cities I want to feel beautiful...and my handbags do it for me! I also plan on buying a bbag or LV while I am there...

    I say carry them! Unless, of course someone here tells me a bit of advice regarding rough luggage check-ins....then I might change my mind!
  9. my advice: you are treated better in Germany and France if you have a high end purse - if you take more than one, be sure to lock it up in your hotel room - people have stuff stolen out of the room including fur coats etc. in Paris and in London...I always travelled with my highend (hermes, chanel) bags but I locked them up when I wasn't in the hotel room - in Paris I left them in the safe at the front desk. Also I would advise flying with all purses on your person!
  10. I head over to London quite a bit and I travel with my black Kelly which I find extremely handy. I can dress it up/down depending on the situation. I have a clutch in it with 'essentials' which I can also use as an evening bag. I am actually getting a new clutch today- very exciting!
  11. I would both carry an expensive bag and also buy one there!

    I travel a lot with work both within Canada ans the US, and also abroad for holidays... it's never been an issue. i mean, if you're staying in a "decent" hotel, you should be fine. I'd be more cautious if you are in a hostel, but if you're in a hotel, I've never had problems. The main thing is to make sure your bag CLOSES at the top - pickpockets are more of a concern IMHO.

    I think a large LV mono bag would be great, or a nice Chanel/Hermes tote, etc... would be great! If you're in Paris for Fashion Week, you should really have a nice bag!
  12. Whenever I go to Paris, I will bring 2 or 3 bags. One a shoulder bag and the other, hand-carried for formal events. I like carrying my Loewe Amazonia. Useful as a day & night bag. I never travel without carrying one of my hermes bags. If the event needs me to be sophisticated, I bring a small clutch.
  13. Personally I don't like travelling with expensive bags, because I'm always afraid that I'll lose them or that I get robbed or they get damaged or something. But I didn't pay more than $1000 for a hand bag to leave it home in my bedroom, so I bring bags, but then I'm really paranoid about them, and I get more paranoid if the city is bigger. I brought my chanel bag to the UK, and I got so paranoid in London that I had to put it in my backpack. Therefore I won't bring any high end bags to st. petersburg either, because I don't like using designer handbags in places where there can be crowded, like for example in department stores or in the metro, etc etc.
  14. I would take atleast one nice bag, and if it was me I would take my most favourite. Its a great holiday for you, and carrying a great bag will make you feel even better.
  15. Forgot to mention that I always throw a Longchamp backpack into my luggage for those rainy days or 'euro-Disney' days!