What bag would you carry if you couldn't carry a Bbag?

  1. I started thinking about the one or two brands I might fall back on if Bbags magically ceased to exist. Yes, I know, THE HORROR!

    For me, it would be YSL and Bottega Veneta.

    How about you?
  2. Chloe, Chanel and LV are my other favorites of the moment.:yes:
  3. the first bag that comes to mind is the fendi spy...i had one but sold it to buy 2 bbags. i loved it, but i was more anal about that bag than i was w/ my bbags.

    i would probably add LV, gucci, and chanel to my collection.
  4. Gucci and LV...my other alternatives that I have now.
  5. A Bottega Veneta "Veneta" in Caramel
  6. Like TXGAGIRL, my options are also Gucci and LV. But I'm coveting a BV these days. Which BV styles do you have, evilarchitech?
  7. My chloe chocolate patchwork
  8. Probably a Chanel flap bag. In my fantasy world, it would be a 35cm blue jean Hermes Kelly!
  9. Oops, sorry for misspelling evilarchitect!
  10. no prob! :smile::smile: as of now i have no BVs to speak of, although i've coveted the medium and large woven venetas for ages. ideally i'd have one in the magnolia colour and black. :heart:

    hehe, it feels like sacrilege talking about other brands in a bbag forum :wtf:
  11. Lv.
  12. Chole Paddy & Edith (i like both stylessss so badly)

    Another beloved brand is Fendi Spy (very chic & versatile IMO :smile:
  13. You're right -- I shouldn't have led us off-topic but just need to sneak in -- I also want the veneta. All right, back to b-bags....:smile:
  14. paddies and LVs ... getting interested in BVs too :smile:
  15. gosh, i hate to remember life without them, but i think moo-moo's would be my 2nd bag of choice, since i've got 2 of those & love them :p...but i also love the botkier trigger bags & i saw a bulga on the street the other day with luscious looking leather :drool: