What bag would you buy ?

  1. Speedy 30 in mono or Speedy Mini Lin in Dune or Speedy 35.

    Only between those three bags, please.

    Thanks !!! :p
  2. Speedy 30!
  3. Speedy 30 in monogram.
  4. Speedy 30 in mono. I have had mine exactly one year, and I love it.
  5. Speedy 30, it's a timeless favorite :smile:
  6. Speedy 30 in Monogram canvas!
  7. Have you already got a monogram bag? If so, the mini-lin.
  8. Speedy 30 in mono. :heart:
  9. mini lin
  10. Hmmm... Buy them all!
    If you cant at the moment, one at a time.
    It so difficult to decide if you like them three! LOL
  11. Yes, speedy mono 30. I adore mine and cannot stop using it.
  12. mono speedy 30!
  13. Mini lin
  14. Mono 30, because its a classic~
  15. Hmmm that's a tough one. I love my mono speedy to death...but I drool over the mini lin too. Flip a coin.