What bag would you buy with $1k?

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  1. I have been working absurd amounts of overtime and really want to treat myself to a new bag with my big bonus pay check. I was SO excited to buy my first Balenciaga off fashionphile -a blue work- and couldn't have been sadder when it came more used than anticipated. It got returned Asap.

    I am now on the hunt for something new around $1000. I still want a b bag but only really want new and can't afford $1800+. I have a lot of LV that I love (mono neverfull, DE speedy 35, mews). I was thinking about a DA neverfull but am worried about colour transfer.

    So what would you buy!?
  2. How about lv eva clutch? Great day and evening bag and right within the price range.
  3. I would not settle for an LV if you are wanting a Balenciaga, it will not fill the void. Have you seen the Balenciaga hip? I believe that style in under $1000
  4. I think the Gucci soho disco bag is a great value for around $1k. It's leather, holds a good amount for a small bag, comes in many colors. Totally worth it
  5. Keep looking for a preloved Balenciaga in good condition, as that's what you really want. I'm sure you'll find one if you're patient :smile:
  6. I agree, no need to settle for something else, I'm sure you'll find a preloved Bal at a reasonable price. :smile:
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    I would hold on to the $1000, and save up so you can buy the new Balenciaga that your heart really wants in a few more months. You're more than halfway there with the bonus you just got! For my first one, I'd want a new one too. I like the idea of breaking it in myself and the wear on it showing my own journey with it. :smile:

    If you don't already have something in mind that you just HAVE to have at the 1K price point, you'll be happier waiting a little longer and getting the WOW OMG bag of your dreams.

    To answer your question, though, if I personally had $1K set aside to spend on a bag right now, I'd get the Balenciaga metal-edge cross-body clutch. Want want want want want it, and I need a clutch for an upcoming wedding. Second choice would be a second LV Neverfull - I have one in Damier Azur but I would really like one in Damier Ebene as well, just for the winter and for the indestructibility of it.

    Oooh P.S. I see in your OP that you are considering the Azur Neverfull - let me tell you, I LOVE this bag. I don't baby it at all, and I haven't had any color transfer or any other problems. It just looks more and more gorgeous with use (as the handles break in and the leather gets a nice patina). If this is the bag you want, don't let worry about color transfer stop you. I was a little twitchy about it for the first week, but once I relaxed and started owning the bag (rather than letting it own me!), I started enjoying it so, so much. I've taken it on planes, to the gym, the grocery store, everywhere with my kids . . . it looks gorgeous and could not be more useful.

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. Save the money and buy the bag that you really want. I had the same problem before. I really wanted one bag but kept making excuses not to buy it and bought other bags instead and my desire for the bag won't stop until I finally got it.
  9. When I first saw the question, I immediately thought of the Gucci Disco bag -- great little bag at exactly the right price point. But then I read OP's whole post, and I agree with those who said to save up for what you really want. If your heart is set on Bal, nothing else will fill that void. Check out HGbagsonline.com -- the bags are legit, priced under retail, and you can save a few hundred dollars when she has coupon codes.
  10. I personally love buying on sale, so you could wait for the semi-annual sales at Saks, NM, etc. and find a Bal bag there. It could save you hundreds. I have seen them at Off 5th before too.
  11. I personally think you should save your money to get the Balenciaga bag that you really want. That sais my favorite Balenciaga bag in my collection is actually my Classic Envelope Clutch. That bag retails for not much more than $1000. I think it is around $1075. But if you really want a Work bag, then you will likely be disappointed with anything else. So I say stash your cash and you can probably get the Work bag in a few months time.
  12. Look the Ricky bag especially the 40 but can't afford right now - will keep checking the pre owned sites
  13. I agree.....get the bag you want even if you have to save up for it. If you compromise you'll probably end up with two new bags totalling more than the cost of the Bal. We have one of the largest Off 5th stores in the country here in san diego county. Since you're in Boston, I'm sure you have Off 5th there. They had multiple Bal bags last time I was there. Of course, the question is do they have the style and color you want.
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