What bag would you buy in a heartbeat if LV made a minor change?

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  1. I love love LOVE the look of the Montaigne, but it is a must that I have a bag that I could shoulder carry. I dislike how the shoulder strap attaches to the handles as it makes the handles stick up when carrying. If LV were to add a way to attach the straps to the sides of the bag separate from the handles I'd be all over it.
  2. Brea PM in Vernis. If it had feet. Why doesn't it have feet to protect the bottom?!
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  3. Zephyr 55 if it was available in Macassar print :smile:
  4. The Petite Malle if it were a couple of inches bigger.
  5. A canvas Speedy b 25 if the zipper opened a little ways down the sides of the bag like the leather version. I have this bag on my wish list but am hesitant because many people report the opening is too small.
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  6. The mini pochette in DE if they made it SLIGHTLY bigger and included a cross-body strap
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  7. speedy if it was structured and wouldn't lose shape
    brea pm if offered in something other than patent. love this bag to bits.
  8. The bagatelle if it came in raisin.
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  9. Favorite MM with a turnlock or snap button closure instead of magnet.
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  10. I agree about the favorite I think I would get all 3 prints
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    Palk backpack-of they added burgundy microfiber interior and gold hardware.

    Bosphore backpack-if they ditch the two external pocket for one large external pocket. That backpack kinda look like it sporting big breast. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    Palm spring MM-if they added one more inch of height.
  12. If the larger sizes of the speedy were a bit more structured and didn't sag as much
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  13. I'd love a Speedy or NF in damier graphite or macassar.
  14. Yes!! I would love a NF in the damier graphite
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  15. + 1!!! I LOVE the Montaigne but 2 minor things have kept me from getting it...1) the way the shoulder strap attaches and 2) I'm not into monogram canvas for handbags...if LV were to release it in DE, I'd be all over it lol!! I know it's available in Empriente, but for some reason, I don't like the way it holds its shape in leather...I'm being picky I know lol but the shape doesn't look the same to me [emoji848]
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