What bag would this be? Please help!

  1. I am conversing on the phone with someone who is describing a Chanel bag she says I would love. (my first one!)

    She cannot remember the name but says this:

    Classic collection
    comes in caviar
    zipper top
    2 leather handles
    outside pocket
    no metallic CCs - embossed CCs on the front
    outside pocket

    She says it comes in other colors, but is always made in black.

    Any ideas? I am attempting to buy something by phone, if possible.

  2. pocket in the city? look through reference section and you might find it:smile:
  3. I think she might be talking about the medallion tote. I am not too sure!
  4. It could be a shopping tote- those come in caviar, multi-colors but always black, have the CC logo embossed on the front, zip up top, have partial leather straps, and I think they have a back pocket on the outside (but maybe I'm combining the shopping tote and the shopper to create this non-existant bag) either way, I think they are both great bags perfect for anyone!
  5. I also think she's talking about the Medallion tote :yes:
  6. ^That's what I was thinking. Could also be the Timeless Shopping Tote, but the one that first rang in my head was the medallion.