What bag would be look good with this?

  1. What color bag would go with this shirt? The white is really more of an ivory so I don't think my white first would look right. The blue is navy.

  2. In my opinion your sandstone city would look great with this shirt.
  3. I would say perhaps an INK or even EGGPLANT (something in the purple family)...since Green and Purple are split complimentary colors, and work well together.
  4. grass green or navy ..

  5. I never knew that. They're my favorite colors:p and they're our birthstones (DH and me).
  6. :yes:
    I actually studied painting so I had to really memorize color combinations that work well together. I'm not a big purple person but with green I love it.

    I told my sister to match a purple dress with these green shoes, and she thought i was nuts! Then she tried it on and poof, instant magic.
  7. ITA, your Ink City would look great with it.
  8. Vert Gazon for sure!! :yes:
  9. I agree with incoral, I would wear the lilac because I'm not matchy matchy but I do believe that colors have to work together ;)

    Edit: I just saw your signature- from the bags you already own I'd go with the ink.
  10. Vert gazon, anthracite, or ink.
  11. ocean blue with silver hardware~
  12. Ink Box
  13. I'd say the ink too! I think it would look fantastic!
  14. definitely Navy :smile:
  15. INK city for me too!