What bag with black outfits?

  1. Up til now, whenever I wear black, I use one of my black Coach bags, or another brand. I've never worn a mono or Damier bag with Black clothing. I know my long term solution is to get a Black LV bag, as I prefer LV over my Coach bags these days, but since I'm on a ban until fall, I was wondering what everyone else does. Fortunately, I wear mostly browns and tans, which I think I subconsciously "switched to" as my "new black" to match my LV's, lol. Do you think I could pull off mono or damier with black?
  2. I wear my mono with black I think it looks great.
  3. I always wear mono with black....looks so chic!
  4. you can totally wear mono or damier with black. I think black goes with everything. If you have anything in MC that would look gorgeous with black.
  5. I am wearing all black today and carrying my mono BH.
  6. OK, you guys are convincing me to try it. Too bad it's going to be 100 degrees and I don't think I'll wear black today. I was also thinking about my Damier Azur.....maybe that would look good with black.
  7. Damier looks perfect with black, imo.:yes:
  8. Oh yes, I think mono or damier look great with black - I wear 'em all the time! And, black MC of course too.
  9. vernis! and epi! everything goes with black.
  10. ..just maybe not manderin.. unless it was around november lol..
  11. I like a bit of contrast between by clothes and my bag so yes, mono/damier with black. I like red with black, too.
  12. Ditto:tup:
  13. Actually I have the damier speedy 30 and I wear black all the time. I like the all black and then suddenly a nice damier on your arms, nice contrast I think..:biggrin:
  14. I don't think one should wear all black anyway-too matchy, matchy is a fashion faux pas. The mono is a nice contrast just like everyone else said.
  15. Mono, Vernis or Epi for a punch of color, Mini Lin. Just about any line will look good. :yes: