What bag will you never sell, give away, etc?

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  1. What bag will you never get rid of by selling, giving away, etc? Is it your first purchase? Is it a bag handed down from a relative? Do you use it or just hold on for sentimental reasons?
  2. Actually, ;) all of them, unless I was in dire need of coming up with cash for emergency purposes. In that case, I'd hang on to my gold togo/GHW Birkin 35 until someone pried it from my cold dead fingers.
  3. I have more than one...I have a few vintage pieces I will never part with, as they were handed down to me. Those, I primarily hold for sentimental reasons and don't necessarily use.
    I also have several bags that were given to me by my husband and I will never part with them. I do use them, though!
  4. The rare ones - noir nacre kelly, beige boxcalf kelly....I also wouldn't sell any of the bags my DH gave me.
  5. I don't think I have that bag yet although I can't really imagine letting go off any of them. Maybe I'm just greedy *sigh*
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I don't have anything sentimental or rare (as far as bags are concerned) that you couldn't put a price on. But it would have to be an obscene amount of $$$, otherwise, there would be no reason to sell.
  8. i'd never part with my black box kelly or fuschia croc kp. the black box kelly was my first h bag. the fuschia croc kp b/c pink is my fav color and the kp is sooo cute and lux in croc!
  9. The black box Birkin.
  10. Great question! Black Box Birkin, Cognac Ostrich Birkin and my Croc and Box Calf Kelly's. Those stay with me until I drop!!!!
  11. Thalassa Blue Clemence Kelly....
  12. GF What is noir nacre is it an iridescent black:confused1:
  13. My Massai-because it was the first H bag for me. I still have the Coach Station bag my mom gave me at 20-my first real bag!
  14. I'm thinking my vert anis ostrich birkin. I love it to death and use it all the time. i'm not sure about my fuschia one. i love the pink polka dot look, it's so girlie! but i'm not sure i'll keep it forever. but the VA - love love it. oh, and the black nilo croc kelly, why on earth or how could i ever let go of that? thud.
  15. I will say there is no such bag for me. I dont have any vintage Hbag that is discontinued.
    If I sell any Hbag, it's because I would need the money and no Hbag in my collection is irreplacable, not even the SO bags. I would just SO them again if need be.