What bag will you be stalking come sale time?

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  1. It is quiet on here today so thought i would start a fantasy thread!:yahoo:

    I will not be buying again now until the sale (if I say it enough times I might eventually accept it, lol).

    So which bag do you like the look of but would not pay full price for? Why would you not pay full price?

    I have a hit list of 2. Fringed daria satchel in gingerbread or daria satchel in ivory. I love both but they are equally nonsensical in their own ways. Ivory daria would probably get quickly filthy by virtue of my having young children whilst fringed daria is nothing short of 1 season madness yet i truly cannot find it in myself to say no to this one trick, blinged up little show pony!

    Tell me what you like but cannot justify paying full price for? :graucho: After all, it is only 3 months till June now!
  2. haha, iwanb!

    well, which bags are we thinking will go into the sale?
  3. I just don't know Thea, i have no experience of wht type of bags tend to end in sale? I suppose the strong statement bags like fringe daria may hit sale as many people will hate it? The light colours may hit sale as not practical for regular use? Just guesses though? maybe bright colours like the pink hayden and butter alexa may hit sale as many people prefer to get a more neutral bag that will go with most of their clothes?
  4. Okay I want the blueberry mitzy messenger or mitzy hobo..... I like it but its patent and very bling so would be unable to part with full price for it..... now if it was soft goatskin or something more matt I would part with full price.... I love blues and purples....
    I also want the ink splotted bays.... now I may part full price for that....
  5. mini drew messenger!!! i am desperately loving it!!! any colour i'm really not fussy and really that desperate to own one!
    when the sale likely to be??? x
  6. Usually the last week in June.
  7. Alexa. Am I delusional thinking any would actually make it to the sales, or might they ...?
    Oh, and the ink blue Bayswater clutch. It's :heart:
    And some of the clothes, like the shorts with bows and the short sleeved leather jacket in ink. And the ballet flats with charms. And any jewellery. And anything in quilted denim. And pretty much any keyring.
    I love, love, love the current season, have already bought a few items and the upcoming season leaves me cold so I'll be shopping like mad in the June sales (that is when they're on?).
  8. The blueberry is such a gorgeous shade. Bet that will look great especially on hot summer days. would look ace with blue jeans or against a white floaty dress. I think you have a good chance of ink spotted bays hitting sale as like fringed daria it is a marmite bag. As many people will hate it as love it.
  9. Possibly a leah messenger or am I dreaming!!!!?
  10. Does anyone know whether the shops (Hof, Harrods, JL, my Wardrobe, Net a Porter) all hit sale at exactly the same time as mulberry online or are they all staggered?
  11. They are such useful little bags. Great for day or night and all the colours are nice. I will cross my fingers that you manage to snap one up!
  12. I would like the hayden shoulder in gingerbread... but don't know if it will be in the sale though. They didn't even have sale here in Oslo for the A/W collection - everything sold out. And we all know how lousy the online sale was too.

    Also think the ink blue bays is stunning ! Well the ruby bays and gingerbread daria shoulder or satchel too.. Think Hayden would be my priority though, if I get the chance and the money to buy it.
  13. Good that you like so much as hopefully you will be happy come sale time as some of your wishlist is bound to make sale. Not sure about alexa really? If it does make sale i would guess maybe the leopards and the butter most likely to make it in as whilst gorgeous they are not such neutral colours as the others so a less 'safe' buy for a bag that is very expensive?
  14. Crossing fingers for you!!:biggrin:
  15. At least you have your eye on a few things so hopefully you may manage to grab at least one style you really love.:smile: